Missing Malaysian flight

Everyone has asked repeatedly about this. I contacted a guide. I can’t tell you what Zoma said. I will only share the visions I received.

I’m inside the airplane when a brilliant light hits. The engines are screeching. We are falling from the sky – blackness.

The Indian Ocean is significant.

The airplane empty of people but intact in a warm tropical looking jungle location.


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7 responses to “Missing Malaysian flight

  1. The tropical jungle, and lights are very similar to Focus Sessions reading on this which I have posted here,

    The Focus Sessions reading matches up with what Denise Le Fay has said and also Krsanna. I have some other sources as well and I am in the process of writing up an article that completes the picture, that will ignore all the disinfo and speculation that seems to be all over the net.

    Thanks Denise.

  2. OMG.. ‘Twilight Zone’

  3. Theory on the missing airliner by an experienced airline pilot http://www.wired.com/autopia/2014/03/mh370-electrical-fire/

  4. well folks, what we have here is a famous psychic Lisa Williams has said the plane landed on land and that it was hijacked. Read the full story on her claims on CNN news network.


  5. I think that Denise is right and the psychic Lisa Williams is wrong. If you want to find out what really happened to the passengers of flight 370 watch the following movie: The Quiet Earth (1985) :

    • I agree with Denise and not Lisa Williams. even I said exactly what Lisa Williams suggested. however, that was not my first impression. my first impression was it crashed somewhere. why I got caught up in a conspiracy theory? I need to stop watching Joe Scarbourough. lol

  6. Simon R. Gladdish

    Dear Denise

    I think that Lisa Williams is a perfect example of a psychic jumping the gun and then being proved spectacularly wrong. It’s just a shame that she’s British!

    Best wishes from Simon

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