My Basics

As you all know I’m a psychic and an astrologer or a psychic astrologer. Here’s a bit of an update. I’m leaving the About Me page up as deeper history.

*My novel Trees for the Forest is out and I want to thank everyone who read it and wrote reviews for it. You can buy it here or if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for FREE! Trees for the forest . There is more info on how I came to write this book on my website:

*If you want a reading I am working as a psychic and here is my new website detailing how you can get a reading and how to contact me, etc. etc. Book A Reading

*I’m currently also the Assistant State Director for MUFON TN. This has been very interesting and enlightening and I’ll write about some of this info once I feel I have more mastery over the subject.