The 2008 Presidential Election

I was very worried about the election after the Palin bump and decided I really had to look at the astrology of the day of the election in comparison to all candidates involved. Well, phew, it was a relief. The only way McCain could win is, actually there really is no chance he can win this is also confirmed by Mrs. Palin’s chart which doesn’t look much better other than her laboring under a delusion. The delusion of course being that she has what it takes to be anything other than mayor of a town literally as big as the high school I attended in the Chicago area. Anyway, that doesn’t mean people will see through this which is what made me nervous.

When I had looked at the 2000 election I told friends and the like that I really couldn’t tell who would win, it looked like they both would. I figured that Al Gore would win the popular vote and Jr. Bush would take the presidency which really blew my mind and seemed unlikely. But it did happen.

One thing I am also assured of astrologically is that if McCain/Palin did win we would plummet into a global world wide DEPRESSION which is why I was fretting so badly about the possibility of their winning. I was heartened to see that it looks much better for the Obama/Biden ticket but nothing is for sure so GO VOTE!! But only if you’re going to vote OBAMA otherwise you’re voting for war an depression and who needs that. I’m not saying Obama is going to have it easy or the world is going to have some turmoil but not on the level it would if the Republican ticket won. 
I’ve been predicting the housing market crash for about ten years now. Told everyone who was intrested (or not) it would fall in 09 and 2010, start to come on in 08. So far it looks like I was right about that as well. I’ll go into the astrology of why that is at some other point. Anyway, I’m going to start proactively putting the predicitons out there now instead of reserving them for the few. Whenever I look into something I’ll post it and let you all know.

Do whatever it takes to make sure McCain/Palin are defeated. I’m telling you, seriously we will be in a major DEPRESSION if they do. I’m talking barrels of money to buy a loaf of bread, you don’t want to see this. I’m seeing some very, very bad things here. I was so full of dread about it I was having trouble sleeping. I feel more hopeful now though having seen that the stars are not in their favor.

As above so below — Blessed be!

The 2008 Presidential Election