The 2008 Presidential Election

I was very worried about the election after the Palin bump and decided I really had to look at the astrology of the day of the election in comparison to all candidates involved. Well, phew, it was a relief. The only way McCain could win is, actually there really is no chance he can win this is also confirmed by Mrs. Palin’s chart which doesn’t look much better other than her laboring under a delusion. The delusion of course being that she has what it takes to be anything other than mayor of a town literally as big as the high school I attended in the Chicago area. Anyway, that doesn’t mean people will see through this which is what made me nervous.

When I had looked at the 2000 election I told friends and the like that I really couldn’t tell who would win, it looked like they both would. I figured that Al Gore would win the popular vote and Jr. Bush would take the presidency which really blew my mind and seemed unlikely. But it did happen.

One thing I am also assured of astrologically is that if McCain/Palin did win we would plummet into a global world wide DEPRESSION which is why I was fretting so badly about the possibility of their winning. I was heartened to see that it looks much better for the Obama/Biden ticket but nothing is for sure so GO VOTE!! But only if you’re going to vote OBAMA otherwise you’re voting for war an depression and who needs that. I’m not saying Obama is going to have it easy or the world is going to have some turmoil but not on the level it would if the Republican ticket won. 
I’ve been predicting the housing market crash for about ten years now. Told everyone who was intrested (or not) it would fall in 09 and 2010, start to come on in 08. So far it looks like I was right about that as well. I’ll go into the astrology of why that is at some other point. Anyway, I’m going to start proactively putting the predicitons out there now instead of reserving them for the few. Whenever I look into something I’ll post it and let you all know.

Do whatever it takes to make sure McCain/Palin are defeated. I’m telling you, seriously we will be in a major DEPRESSION if they do. I’m talking barrels of money to buy a loaf of bread, you don’t want to see this. I’m seeing some very, very bad things here. I was so full of dread about it I was having trouble sleeping. I feel more hopeful now though having seen that the stars are not in their favor.

As above so below — Blessed be!

The 2008 Presidential Election

36 thoughts on “The 2008 Presidential Election

  1. Anne says:

    Gosh, I hope that you are right! We MUST do everything humanly possible to get Obama/Biden into office. A lot of people are afraid that something may stop the election such as Bush enacting Marshal Law (could be economic or war crisis). I think Bush probably at this time cannot wait to get out of office. He will probably go down as if not one of of our worst leaders but THE worst leader in our history.

  2. Grace says:

    I so hope you are right and Obama wins. McCain/Palin scare the heck out of me. As an atheist, I fear for my safety under the two of them.

    By the way, are the claims that McCain gave vital information to the North Vietnamese true? I am a veteran and things do not look good for us under a McCain presidency. Does he dislike vets due to his own failings?

    Thank you for your amazingly accurate predictions and your time.

  3. Talk to ten different astrologers and you’ll get 50% saying McCain will win and 50% saying Obama will win!

    Anne, one astrologer says that if Obama wins the election he will be known as the worst US President ever.

    Grace don’t believe everything you hear!

    Only time will tell!!!! (Hindsight is 100%!)

  4. zoma777 says:

    I can’t tell you how many Republicans and McCain supporters have been writing me as if I can change what I see. I’m just the messenger, sorry you don’t like the message but that’s the way it is. For your info in 2000 I predicted George Bush would become president and Al Gore would win the popular vote. I also predicted George Bush’s win in 2004. I predicted the riots of the 1990’s years before they happened, and again predicted the 1994 Northridge earthquake, buying earthquake insurance just 6 weeks before it happened. Just look at the blog. So far I’m batting 100. Reality is reality whether you or your right wing friends like it. I don’t always like the info I get but just because we don’t like the truth doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I guess this is why Fox news does so well, it caters to fearful people who only want their own opinion reinforced. But in the real world there is diversity and things don’t always turn out how we want them.

  5. Dee says:

    I thought Obama whould chose Hillary Clinton! What a surprise…I had no idea McCain would be the one who would choose a female VP!!

  6. zoma777 says:

    Hi Carmelo,
    I’m flattered that my prediction has so gotten under your skin, you actually felt the need to write. Just because I’m a democrat (unlike republicans) I don’t predict things based on what I want to happen. You see I’m not a cave man who believes that if I scribble a buffalo on a cave wall long enough it will come to me. That’s what’s called magical thinking. I’m a psychic. I see things, and report on them, good or bad, whether I like them or not. And BTW Nostradamus did not predict John McCain becoming president. As evidence, why did you not quote the verse? And who are these other credible psychics predicting McCain? Names please. Maybe you saw that on FOX, if so you might want to try reading news papers and watching real news. Did you know that in Nazi Germany the Nazi’s dropped pamphlets of “predictions,” to try and influence the population. Back then, they were in the middle of a horrible Depression and people were very afraid. It seems you must also be very scared that your guy isn’t going to win. You might want to stop thinking of politics like you do baseball teams, and actually look at who is most capable and best for the job. Kind of like if you owned your own business, and had to hire someone. If you looked at reality, even the polls at this point show McCain is double digits down everywhere against your man. Even if you republicans try to fix the system again, it will be impossible with the odds so far against the McCain camp. And now with your fair lady Mrs. Palin being charged with an ethics violation, I don’t think that’s going to help too much.

  7. chiron says:

    Interesting that you would delete my very neutral post Denise. Unfortunately hypocrisy is becoming epidemic amongst my fellow Democrats and astrologers and obviously since you only want a narrow viewpoint on your site, I have to question your abilities to predict and read from the inner soul rather than from ego.

    Be well.

  8. zoma777 says:

    Hi Chiron,
    Actually I found your post to be passive aggressive much like this one. And I’m getting tired of the right wing assaults. Since this is my site I prefer to keep things positive rather than giving people I feel are being rude a forum. If you want to start your own blog, put your own predictions out there and be straight forward, I’d be more than happy to trade links with you and give you a voice that way. But I’m getting a little tired of the personal attacks.

    Be well.
    (See how that comes across as being passive aggressive, because it is.)

  9. asisyou says:

    Fruitloops, only God in heaven can see what is to be. Instead of listing all the “predictions” you’be gotten right, tell us about all the ones you’ve gotten wrong!

  10. annoyed says:

    you’re obviously an African American as is made obvious by your ignorance and racism. I’m sick of you people with your insidiuos racism. You idiots are going to create another civil war with your sick disgusting “white people owe us something” racist attitudes. Yea, just keep it up idiot!

  11. zoma777 says:

    Hi Annoyed,

    I am actually a very white woman with bright red hair. My skin is so white that it is translucent, so no, I’m not African American. As a matter of fact most of my family is from Eastern Europe and arrived after slavery, so we weren’t here during the civil war. Those that were are from the North and were of Scottish/Irish origin.

    I think your bizarre take on things shows the underpinnings of your own racism. It’s very sad that you see the world this way. The person you are hurting is yourself. There are a lot of white people supporting Obama because he’s the best person for the job, not because of his skin color.

    Unfortunately, I think you have revealed your hand and most of the people who support McCain. You’d rather have a mentally challenged beauty queen VP, who believes in expanding the powers of the Vice Presidency (although she doesn’t know what a VP does) and a crazy (“maverick”), four time cancer survivor who won’t release his medical records and admits he knows nothing about the economy, while we’re in the midst of an economic crisis, then vote for someone of another color.

    Clearly, you are the kind of person who is so lost in the world — someone who feels so small that you need to be better than someone. And if you can’t do it with deeds, talent, ability or contribution, you can cling to a notion that somehow your race makes you superior. I feel very sorry for you. You might want to consider what it is like to walk in other people’s shoes, learn to be humble and have some compassion instead of clinging to this sad old sense of entitlement that no longer applies and sorry to say for you, it will apply less and less as time goes on. I wish for you that you can learn compassion and kindness because it is only through those acts and feelings that we can grow, expand, love and be happy.

    I wish for you happiness instead of hate.

  12. hopeandaplan says:

    Wow! Well said and precisely put Denise. “Annoyed” may want to consider the name “Ridiculous.” Inclusive beliefs like Obama’s dont foment dissent and ignorant violent reactions to our democratic process. People who insinuate that having a different view from them is treasonous are arrogant and dangerous pose a danger to our democracy. Best of luck to you, you seem to have a lot of anger you need to redirect constructively.

  13. SagMoon says:

    Regarding the election date itself, I think we have to note that there is a Void-of-Course Moon from 1:42 AM [EST] through 7:01 PM [EST] which will encompass a bulk of the active voting period across the country. That may be the reason some are predicting that there will be “confusion” or an “unknown outcome” for several days [weeks?]

    In 2000, knowing the election was being held on a day when Mercury was completely stationary, I told many that the outcome would not be known on election night and would, in fact, take awhile to be determined. Of course they thought I was nuts! In some ways an all day VOC period can be more harmful than a stopped Mercury.

    I see the possibility of prolonged litigation being the cause of the delay. That Saturn-Uranus opposition looks like two unmovable objects going head to head, even though they are both in mutable signs! Or maybe its the Mars-Neptune square from fixed signs happening at the same time-?

  14. Claudia says:

    I also hope you are right. I get a good energy from Obama. Although not without his faults, he truly wants to help the country and its citizens do better. He will continue to learn as he goes forward, as he has in the past. This trait, combined with his smarts, will make him a good leader.

    From McCain I get more of an urge to be the one in power. He seems to have something to prove with this – it is not for the good of the country.

    That’s just my take on their personalities. I’m no psychic, but I do have the ability to predict how well someone will do in their job, based on my initial assessment of their character. I heard Bush speak and KNEW he would be a disaster. I was undecided about Obama, until I saw video of him talking in unguarded moments, not in speeches. He has a very honest, upstanding character, and is extremely bright. These are qualities that will all serve him, and our country, well, if he is elected.

    Lighting candles here!

  15. Boy, I hope you are right when you see no way for McCain to win. All these reports of problems with voting in swing states have me worried. In Washington state most of our voting is done by mail, and I already cast my vote for Obama.

  16. Anti-Obama says:

    You are from Chicago and want Obama to win? I never would have guessed. Yes, everyone, lets vote for Obama. He has done such a bang up job with Chicago- look at the South Side. Now, tell me you want him to be our president?!

  17. zoma777 says:

    Hi Anti-Obama,
    The south side has been a troubled place since long before I was even born. Perhaps you remember the song, “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown,” in which a reference to the south side of Chicago was made. That was back in the early 70s. But the problem predated that by about 20 years. So I hardly think this is Obama’s fault as he was a child during this period as was I. So blaming him for the problems of the South side of Chicago is like blaming McCain for the Vietnam war because he was in the military. People unfortunately did do this to Vietnam vets which was horrible. It was unfair and stupid just as your analogy is ignorant and ridiculous.

  18. Tjuania in Desoto, Texas says:

    I want to ask you about “FOX news”, there is something not right with them, I look at all cable news shows and I find them offensive on all fronts.

    What do you see for them in the next 4 years with a President Obama in the White House????

  19. Elly says:

    Its gotta be Obama and by a mile he will be a good president but he will need good personal protection I reckon . Psychic Gary Dakin

  20. zoma777 says:

    Who said I was supposed to be objective? I’m not a journalist. I’m a psychic, astrologer and a lefty. I don’t always like the things I see, sometimes I do and I have opinions. This an opinion page not the New York Times.

  21. DDUSA says:

    Your prediction for Ohio may be correct as to the high voter turnout. The temperature is suppose to be close to 70 degrees tomorrow–Will that help with the turn out?

    Will the corruption from the Bush/Cheney administration be exposed?

  22. Today…. in our land, South India, Kerala State…. one among the powerfull TV channel, here, conducetd SMS survey *****Who will be the next American President ??? OBAMA or Mc Cain ??? Result : 63% voted for OBAMA & 37% voted for McCain. My vote goes to OBAMA.

  23. scaramonga says:

    Well mystic princess, your above comment about Al Gore wining the popular vote in 2000 is totaly bogus. After all the hanging chad crap and re-count after re-count, Georgie boy won FLORIDA by 537 votes>certified. So much for your facts. You need to lay off the pipe for awhile and your astral plane may clear up to make accurate statements.

  24. zoma777 says:

    Hi Scaramonga,
    You might want to try doing research and watching other news programs, besides FOX which is not actually news but I doubt you got that memo as you are one of the brain washed right wing lackeys. All you have to do is read even Wikipedia. It doesn’t take much to get your head out of where the sun doesn’t shine. Here’s the quote from Wikipedia:

    Bush subsequently became the President-elect after the electoral votes from all 50 states and the District of Columbia were certified by the joint session of Congress. Bush took the oath of office on January 20, 2001.

    Ultimately, the Media Consortium hired the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago [6] to examine 175,010 ballots that were discounted; these ballots contained under-votes (votes with no choice made for president) and over-votes (votes made with more than one choice marked). Their goal was not to deduce who actually won the election but to determine the reliability and accuracy of the systems used for the voting process.
    In the aftermath of the election, the first independent recount was conducted by The Miami Herald and USA Today. Counting only “undervotes” (when the vote is not detected by machine), and not considering “overvotes” (when a ballot ends up with more than one indication of a vote, for example both a punch-out and hand-written name, even if both indicating the same candidate)[36] Bush would have won in all legally requested recount scenarios. If overvotes where the intent of the voter was clear were counted, using any consistent standard for ‘clear intent of the voter’, Gore would have won. This was not requested by either side at the time; the independent recount therefore led to a greater awareness of the issue of ‘overvotes’.
    Under the recount rules initially requested by Gore, Bush would have won, and under the rules requested by Bush, Gore would have won.[37]

  25. zoma777 says:

    Oh, yeah Scaramongo — I forgot something else. Al Gore did win the popular vote! It’s called a fact. You might want to look into those. Even that night, every major newspaper and broadcast (I can’t speak for Fox since they are a propaganda tool of the right) reported Al Gore had won the popular vote. He had more votes. That’s reality. He didn’t win because of the electoral college. Here’s another fact you can check on the internet. There’s this thing called Wikipedia, it’s like an encyclopedia, and there are these other things called newspapers, magazines and what we know of as objective reality. Here’s just a blurb off of Wikipedia:. He (Al Gore) won the popular vote by approximately 500,000, but ultimately lost the electoral vote to Republican candidate George W. Bush; the legal controversy over the Florida election recount was eventually settled in favor of Bush by the Supreme Court.[2]

    And by the way your little comment calling me a mystic Princess is not only sexist, it’s anti-semitic. We all know the expression Jewish American Princess. Maybe you should have a conference with some of your fellow zombies because yesterday one of you accused me of misogyny — you know sexism. You guys really should get your ideological hate rhetoric down pat so it at least gives the appearance of being logical.

  26. Ingo says:

    So Obama did it! Thanks for all your insights and predictions on the election, which are upheld today! It made my day to read them and be reassured that this would be the result.

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