Black Monday, The Great Depression and the 08 Candidates

Looking at the chart of the 1929 stock market crash there are some striking similarities between it and this past black Monday. First a stellium in the same degree of Libra with the some of the same planets, mercury and Venus. During the 29 crash the moon was involved giving it much more emotion and fluctuation, this past Monday it was Mars playing an active role.


My intuition has been telling me that if McCain were to win by some act of hell freezing over and pigs flying, we would go into a serious world wide Depression, at least most certainly in the US. The charts confirm this. Notice how J.McCain’s rising activates that 19 degree Libra stellium in both the 29 crash and 08’s Black Monday. Uranus played a major role in the 29 crash by opposing that stellium; this time around Uranus played a major role inconjuncting that stellium. Notice also that the 29 crash had Saturn in Sag and Pluto has just hit that point. There are a lot of returns that seemed to happen this past Monday. I’m not going to go into all the astrological stuff here other than to give you all a chance to look at the interactions between the crashes and the two presidential candidates.


I have a couple of other feelings that may seem a bit more out on a limb. One is that the GOP is not really behind McCain; they are subtly undermining McCain while pretending to support him. They know that we’re headed for an economic disaster that even the greatest genius couldn’t completely solve over night. I think they want a Democrat in office to try to clean it up so they can not only blame the Democrat for the mess and then control the next eight to God knows how many years. And also they know the Democrats will tidy up enough to save their lame butts. Serving a diabolic, Machiavellian duel purpose, which is why Karl Rove recently stated that McCain had gone to far with his lies?!? I thought hell had frozen over.


 At the very least Mrs. Palin’s family experience is a prime example of how important sex education is, you can tell kids abstinence is the only 100% way to not get pregnant but kids need to know what sex is or they’ll discover it on their own, as evidence by the entire animal kingdom figuring this out without any kind of health or sex ed class! Fancy that!


More revelations as they come. If you have a question. Add a comment or if you want me to look at your chart leave info and I’ll see what I can do. I will answer you however via the blog so if you don’t want people looking at your chart don’t give me your info.

Black Monday, The Great Depression and the 08 Candidates