As for the chart of the Dow

There was a full moon right on the 2nd and 8th house cusps black Monday the 15th of 08. Further exacerbating this is the fact that there is an ongoing inconjunction to Neptune in Aquarius (now retrograde) going through the second house of money and stability. Neptune being illusion, delusion and in the sign of Aquarius, instability, rebellion, anarchy, etc. Uranus is strengthened in Pisces (now also retrograde) because it’s in mutual reception with Neptune. Long story short this chart is like baking soda and vinegar, ready to explode. Not surprising that it happened on Monday but we must bare in mind that these are long aspects and when the lights of the sun and moon touch off these sensitive outer planets again we’ll have further chaos and confusion in the market. The market so far from what I can see is very unstable and will remain that way for a while. More word on how long this will go on, later.

As for the chart of the Dow

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