Bank of America interpretation

While logic would dictate Bank of America’s bail out would not be such a great idea, it doesn’t look bad according to their chart. There will be a period of adjustment. Pluto is conjuncting B of A’s natal moon, making fluctuations come and go for a while and creating some turmoil there will also be opportunity for growth on their part. Mostly their chart looks solid right now. Neptune in Aquarius is making squares but it is also making sextiles, meaning their buy out will be both bad and good. I won’t get into all the astrological info here but the summary is, their public image will shift. They will be seemingly unstable for a while, they will have to make some major adjustments in the way they do business but this will ultimately give them many new opportunities for growth. It won’t be an easy time for them, and it will make people nervous but all in all they look solid. I’ll continue to monitor them.

Bank of America interpretation

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