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We have Pluto moving into Capricorn and their will be major changes in the way business is conducted globally. Probably more regulations and oversight which is greatly needed. Historically de-regulation is bad for business in the long run. It may seem good to multi-national corporations in the short run because they are able to create monopolies but by doing so they cut off the innovation of smaller companies and thus the blood line of the economy in general. During the last Great Depression regulations were put in place to assure a fair playground. The free market is not free when the playing field is tilted toward multi-national corporations. Just like we wouldn’t want to walk out on the street and have our loved ones murdered by serial killers only to find that because they’ve got a great lobby, there is no recourse for justice — regulations are rules, laws to govern business which like all other entities (be they  human or run by humans) are imperative to the free market, civilization and democracy. Corporations have rights like you and I and it’s time for them to live by the same rules we live by as individuals. Remember the Robber Barons of the turn of the last century? Well, we’ve created a new class of them via de-regulation. Before laws protecting children, kids worked 20 hours a day in factories, meat was rotten on the shelf and killing people. Our ancestors fought hard to make sure corporations were held accountable, and the Republican party has been widdling away at these laws for decades now. We are now about to suffer the consequences. Write your congressmen and women, your senators and make your voices heard. We need accountability. I know the rich don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes but the reality is we are going to pay their share if they don’t. Personally, I don’t want my daughter paying for the sins of wall street and I doubt you do either. 

Please feel free to post questions anonymously. If you have any corporation you want to check out give me the name. I have a data base of every publicly traded company at my fingertips. I will gladly do the chart and give you an evaluation. Perhaps even help you to find the opportune time to get out of the market before the collapse, enabling you to keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

In general…

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