WaMu Snafu

OK one thing I forgot to mention because it has been very obvious is the WaMU snafu. We’ve all known about it for a while and I’ve been meaning to close an Ira with them for months but on Sunday, I heard a voice in my head scream get out of WaMu. Unfortunately we were on vacation and couldn’t go into the bank until Tuesday but we did divest that day and today they went on sale. My husband came into the room when he heard the noise today and bowed down at my feet in pretend worship for my insistence that we had to get out NOW!


While we were there I informed the young investment banker that if John McCain won we’d go into a Depression and basically told him I knew in my bones that we had to get out of the marked that day. He tried to talk me out of it and I think to comfort himself asked if we had invested in the market after 9/11. I said yes. That seemed to freak him out, he went sort of pale and of course today I’m sure heard the bad news about his bank. Like I said before I don’t think McCain is going to win. I told the young banker that as well but I do think the market is going to continue to freak out for the next year. I’m going to do the astrology and let you all know what to expect. If Obama wins then your money will be OK in the long term but if McCain does win GET OUT OF THE MARKET ASAP! It’s not a bad idea to pull out now until after Obama wins in my opinion.


We are already in the rabbit hole so now it’s a matter of digging out. Be careful. I’m going to check the DOW chart and post it, then do an interpretation of things to come so watch for that.

WaMu Snafu

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