Washington Mutual

It’s not a surprise looking at WaMu’s chart that they are selling themselves. Pluto is making an exact conjunction to their Neptune in the 8th (other people’s  money). There is a lot of confusion there about what they need to do. But things will settle down for them once they restructure probably next year. I would expect the unexpected in January of 09, a major shift in the way they do business seemingly out of the blue. This could mean a momentary closure and restructuring. November doesn’t look good for them, so if you need your money before next year you might want to switch banks until they settle down again. In general they don’t have a very good chart for banking with Pisces ruling their mid-heaven. Their best bet is to re-incorporate in January taking their sun out of Pisces which rules losses. If I could advise their CEO and CFO I would suggest this, start over, consult an astrologer and get a chart more akin to the needs of a bank.

Washington Mutual

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