Wells Fargo

Again there will be fluctuations. They are not being upfront with the public, more turmoil is going on under the surface. They have taken more risk with the publics money than they are leading us to believe but ultimately they are a very conservative bank with a stellium in Virgo in the 5th, meaning in their house of speculation they don’t like to take big leaps but in general rather small steps with solid long term companies. However with Pluto going through the company’s 8th house they have been going through some restructuring of how they invest other people’s money (meaning the public, you and me) which isn’t great. But this aspect will be passing in the not too far distant future. For the time being though they are also a bit unstable. The worst of it for them is over however as the opposition to Jupiter in the second is past and waning. It looks like they are on the road to cleaning up their mess which is a good thing, still there will be some repercussions. Saturn in Virgo does help stabilize their fifth house of speculation so all in all they are one of the safer banks.

Wells Fargo

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