Sarah Palin-Gate

So Sarah and her hubby won’t cooperate with the bipartisan investigation. Well, looking at her chart this will backfire big time. With Neptune going conjuncting her sun and traveling through her 7th house of partnerships she is delusional along with her partners, aka John McCain and her husband Todd. The 7th house also rules public enemies and with that Neptune transit there are a lot of open enemies who are still hiding but will start coming out as the aspects in her chart worsen. Worse than just the transit is the inconjunction to her first house or rising sign of Leo, this is a major identity adjustment and not for the good like becoming Vice President but more akin to going to jail or being seen as a criminal after living a life of religious righteousness. 

The obvious question is: why stall the investigation if she’s innocent? The McCain camp must think her guilty or they wouldn’t want the info to come out after the election otherwise it would be to their advantage to clear her name before hand.With transiting Uranus going through her eighth again inconjuncting her rising at 19 degrees Leo, some unexpected dirt, probably sexual in nature, abuse of power or something really dark and dirty will come to light correcting her ego which has run amok. 

Transiting Jupiter her fifth is also squaring her natal Jupiter in the ninth which in my opinion means she’s gambling with the law and she’s going to rub against it in a bad way. All these aspects really start to get bad in October, late, close to the election. I could go on but its safe (astrologically speaking) to say that her past and abuse of power will catch up with her. The truth will prevail in her case. It’s not going to be good for Ms. Palin unless she’s as clean as a newly laundered towel and it certainly looks like she’s not. Even someone who was truly evolved and pure would have trouble under these aspects but would ultimately be vindicated, in Sarah’s case she’s looking at the loss of her position, not just losing as the VP but potentially she could be impeached as govener of Alaska. I’ll have to look into this later. I haven’t gone that far into the future with her yet.

Blessed be1

Sarah Palin-Gate

7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin-Gate

  1. Excellent! I’ve been wondering about this very thing. You have hit it on the head.

    The public needs to hear about her dark secrets… and how she got where she is.

    Well done.
    Blessed Be —

  2. Wyntyr says:

    Excellent! Troopergate has now been sent to The Supreme Court in Alaska. People should really and seriously question just what does she have to hide so much that not only will Sarah Palin not cooperate but that everyone that was supposed to show up at court refused to do so. The McCain camp has had to get involved and is doing everything in their power to shut this down. People should wonder ‘why’ at the very least. I have always thought even in the early stages of ‘Troopergate’ that something corrupt (putting it nicely) was going on and by refusing to cooperate and now sending it to the Supreme Court almost validates it. I agree completely that this is going to backfire BIG TIME and before election day. If Sarah has nothing to hide then she should never be afraid of the truth. I find this very disturbing and dangerous for all of us. The McCain camp is going to their very best to say that the case is tainted and biased but by refusing to cooperate at the on-set and as a public official says leagues about the depth of corruption going on with this issue.

  3. zoma777 says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I think we have yet to see how this will play out. There is currently a series of investigative reports on CNN involving her link to the Alaskan succession movement. I don’t think we’ve seen everything come out about her that we will. We may not see it all before the election, but as Wyntyr has posted above your post, Troopergate has gone to the Supreme court and it’s not over yet.
    Best wishes.

  4. jenny says:

    this is just sad. she was proven innocent and did nothing wrong. tasering a child should of sent the trooper to jail. palin has been painted and unclean when i reality she is cleaner than almost anyone in congress. she will rise again. it is just not her time yet. a fire has been lit inside her and is slowly burning. she will have a large force of supporters in the coming years. i respectfully disagree with your reading. from one sensative to another please don’t read into the media and all of the negative energies they are sending. it only causes misreadings to happen. thanks for posting this though. it is a lot of fun to read! 🙂

  5. zoma777 says:

    Hi Jenny,

    There is a lot of information coming out about Sarah Palin that is not very flattering from the McCain camp. A lot of skeletons falling out of the closet right now.

    She was found guilty of abuse of power by the original bipartisan commission. She was found not guilty by the commission she assembled which was not bipartisan, and all Republican. Personally, I don’t think that holds much weight.

    I do agree that the trouper who tasered the child should have gone to jail, that is horrible, but she shouldn’t have fired his boss. It wasn’t his boss’s fault!

    Best wishes to you Jenny.

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