Chart comparison of 1929 Stock Market Crash, Future & DOW

It looks like it will really start to get scary in late December with Pluto heading over the horizon and a bunch of activating planets to set it off. However the actual death of the market will be early 09. I’ll post that chart when I figure it out. I had just looked in my Ephemeris and hadn’t done an actual chart until now, meaning I had made an approximation of when the real trouble would begin. I’ll post the actual date I think the market will implode in a few. 

For now there will be good and bad days. I suggest using your intuition to pull out when your stocks or mutual fund is up. There will be some wild fluctuations until the crash but don’t let the economists fool you with how stable things are ultimately. Let’s face it if the market crashes it effects all the world markets and the companies you’ve invested in. There is a better than likely chance whatever stock you have will be meaningless as many businesses will more than likely go out of business and you’ll be left with a piece of paper that is worthless. Why take the chance? If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. CD’s are paying about 4%, about or more than what you can make playing the stock market and there is no real risk as long as you don’t need your money immediately. This is my advice. I’d hate to see ordinary Americans used and taken advantage of once again when I might be able to help some of you.

Chart comparison of 1929 Stock Market Crash, Future & DOW

10 thoughts on “Chart comparison of 1929 Stock Market Crash, Future & DOW

  1. hopeandaplan says:

    Hi. I was wondering if McCain’s chart could cause a global depression how Rupert Murdoch’s chart, DOB: 3/11/31 interacts with the DOW since his company News Corp purchased it on 8/1/07, per the BBC news report. Might it be a collapse of just the DOW?
    I was wondering how the Nasdaq chart might fair? It seems to holding up better against the Dow. Just looking for a glimmer of hope!

  2. capricorn777 says:

    Hi Denise

    Thank you for your excellent blog;

    One important question:
    Which is the proper date to be used in the natal chart for the stock market as a whole?
    I think that you are using the incorporation date of the company named Dow Jones that keeps the Dow Indices

    The actual Dow Jones Industrial index was first published on 5-26-1896 according to the web site:

    this info is given in answering the question
    the answer is:
    “When Charles Dow created the Dow Jones Industrial Average, first published on May 26, 1896, it consisted of a dozen stocks….”

    So my question is: should one use the incorporation of the Dow Jones company or the first day the index was computed?

    I have noticed that for the commodities you are using a 1934 date; I am not sure what this refers to.
    The Chicago Board Of Trade – CBOT is the commodity exchange established in 1848 that today trades in both agricultural and financial contracts. The CBOT originally traded only agricultural commodities such as wheat, corn and soybeans.

    I don’t mean to be a pain; still the question is which date should be used in the natal chart for the commodities; specifically the day that the exchange was established or something else? (I don’t have the answer…)

    Thank you for your time in analyzing the financials.

    Take care
    Best wishes for a prosperous 2009.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Hi Steven,
      Thanks for your insight. I will look into it and run another chart for this. My computer software comes with companies and stock market information. I was relying on their research. It would be good to compare both Dow charts and also the commodities charts to see what commonalities they have and what differences. It could be why the timing seems a bit off on the Dow chart.
      Thanks again,

  3. capricorn777 says:

    Hi Denise;

    I was looking at the transits to the USA natal chart;

    would you please comment regarding the transiting Saturn conjunct natal Neptune
    and square natal mars?

    Also on today’s trigger transiting Mars opposite natal financial Venus and transiting Pluto applying opposition to natal financial Venus (mid January to end of March)?

    I have read on financial astrology sites, that this chart is used also for the US dollar. I would appreciate your insight.

    kind regards,

  4. capricorn777 says:

    Well, there are also three quincunx transits worth noticing on the USA chart

    quincunx transiting Neptune to natal Neptune, will be exact on 1-3-2009, it has been applying since November 5th

    quincunx transiting Saturn to natal Chiron, started 11-1-2008 and tomorrow will start applying at 1.5 degrees until exact on 2-13-2009

    There is also a trigger: transiting Mars opposite natal Jupiter on 1-04-2009 and transiting Mars quincunx North Node on 1-5-2009. This one at the same time that transiting Sun is exact square with natal Saturn on 1-05-2009, while being opposite the natal Sun (exact on 1-03-2009).

    I would appreciate your insights on these transits.

    Thank you,

  5. Roy says:

    All markets are controlled by big business and snakes.
    The last year oil futures was just a money grab by those who somehow thought they had Iraq all tied up and in the bag. Not so. International corporations now have control but still big business.
    Now we are seeing another ploy by the makers of Tanyflu [ Rumsfeild / ] and a few others who cannot have their names and faces spread across the t v so have cfreated the ultimate diversion. What better way to keep off the news than begin a flu pandemic except it seems not as bad as they may have hoped.

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