Sarah Palin Psychic Prediction about Abuse of Power Investigation

We all know that Sarah and her hubby have refused to show up after subpoenaed, which for normal people would mean contempt of court, but for Republicans I guess it’s different (Karl Rove for example). I did a series of readings of how this would play out in the presidential race and it looks bad for the McCain/Palin camp or as Sarah would call it, the Palin/McCain camp. 

Asking a series of questions of the tarot cards I found some interesting things. Seems that not going along with the investigation will turn voters against her rather than what they are hoping, to bury the story. It looks like she is guilty of abuse of power, according to the cards, but that nothing would or will come of the investigation in terms of their findings. She would have been better off going along with it, clearing her name before the election and giving the appearance of cleanliness, but alas the McCain peeps have made yet another tactical blunder, Thank GOD! 

We don’t need them in the seat of power, as I said before they would be kryptonite if we use the metaphor that America is Super Man. It certainly is a Super Power.

By the way my high school had almost as many kids in it as Wasilla has citizens, nearly 6,000. I wonder if my ex-principle would be qualified to be VP? Also Wasilla is the meth capital of Alaska and Alaska is the meth capital of the US. Why don’t the Dems talk about this? Maybe her kids are off limits but doesn’t it just prove the point that abstinence only sex ed leads to teenage pregnancy — just look at Sarah’s situation. The whole thing is nutty. 


blessed be…. I’ll post more later.

Sarah Palin Psychic Prediction about Abuse of Power Investigation

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Psychic Prediction about Abuse of Power Investigation

  1. Tjuania in Desoto, Texas says:

    I am impressed, you hit this one—right out of the park. Just heard the news on MSNBC and it was verbatim in what you wrote….


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