The Big One

So from what I can tell, what starts in December, the plummet is finished around the end of January. Pluto will be officially conjuncting the DOW’s first house and will be lit by a bunch of other things. From what I can see this crash will be different than the 1929 crash in that it won’t just happen in a day but rather will be a domino type of effect happening over the course of a couple of months. This will continue for awhile. There will probably be bail outs and efforts to save the market with some positive Aquarian aspects going on (I won’t bore you with the details) but ultimately there will be such a fundamental transformation in the way the market works that it will be highly unstable for a long time to come. The period I’m pointing to will be the worst of the hits but it will remain highly volatile for the next couple of decades! I would say that it will really never be the same because once Pluto passes through the first it will go into the second house of money also causing problems. Whatever this storm is it will not only reek havoc in the short term it will change the face of the DOW. 

Being that nothing like this has happened in the history of the DOW I can’t point to history and tell you exactly how it will play out other than to say the balance of power will shift, there will be tremendous instability and losses. Perhaps it will be akin to what has happened in the US with the rich getting richer and the middle class slipping into the category of the poor — we maybe on the brink of a feudal style form of Capitalism or perhaps if the Democrats win they can turn that energy around and use the transformation to shift the power back toward the middle class. There has never been a more important time to vote your interest. If you are middle class or struggling have no sympathy for the wealthy, they are in the process of shoring up the boat so you can’t get in.

The Big One

2 thoughts on “The Big One

  1. Chris says:

    It’s looking good for a big crash this Friday! I hope your wrong but banks may fall this week : ( If it happens Friday like you say then you are on to something very big here!

  2. lordkahutra says:

    ok , now that it has passed , the market crashed earlier and the dmeocrats are in control and making it worse , what do you see now?

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