Joe Biden — Who is he, an astrological analysis

We have a long political history of Joe Biden. His story has been out there for a while so I’m not going to bother repeating his record, you can find that anywhere on the web. Here’s a look at him as a personality and stuff we don’t know about him.

His moon in Taurus is exhaulted making him an emotionally stabile individual even though it makes an inconjunction to his sun (out of sign) which would lead me to believe his father was hidden or absent during his childhood and perhaps the communication between his parents wasn’t all that great. he has an affinity toward women, compassion toward them due to his strong bond with his mother. with Sag rising he is interested in foreign affairs, cultures and has traveled abroad widely. 

With Saturn and Uranus in his 7th it’s not a wonder that his wife would die in an accident, this is perhaps not the best aspect for Obama as it would also apply to him. The secret service is going to have to do double duty to protect Obama. His second wife (the 9th house) is in much better stead with Leo there, she is probably the household leader and an outspoken, charasmatic sort of person.

He has a stellium in Scorpio in the 11th and 12th, giving him a strong focus on the mechanics of power behind the scenes. With Mercury, Sun and Venus conjunct he is a good public speaker, understands metaphor and is smarter than the public knows. All these planets are beneficint, meaning it takes the sting out of the 12th house and with Venus conjunct his first house cusp, again he has an affinity for women, gets along well with them and likes to play fair unless pushed (Scorpios do have a sting so if you’re not playing fair, he’ll call you out on it.) He also has very sharp intuition that borders on psychic ability. He can see what’s coming down the pike and act before things go wonky. 

With Neptune in the 10th his career has ebbed and flowed, and as we know publicly he almost let it go when his wife died, not surprising with this aspect. It does trine his Saturn and Uranus in the 7th so it was his partner who shifted him back on course. His chart shows a person with penetrating intelligence and with Jupiter exhalted in Cancer in the 8th, he’s also lucky with investments, and other people’s money, inheritences and understanding the stock market.

His Mars in Scorpio in the 11th indicates that he can be a ruthless fighter especially when his ideals, hopes and dreams are at stake. He’ll take out the stinger and fight to the death if need be.

Jupiter rules his chart and as it is exhaulted in Cancer in the 8th, he has not only a great understanding of foreign affairs but of the economy at large and specifically the stock market and investments. He will know how to invest our money to help dig us out of the financial hole we are currently in. This is further confirmed by his part of fortune and moon being in the 5th (house of speculation, children, creativity and romance).

This man does not back down from a fight.

His early childhood was probably not one of great wealth, but loss and nurturing. This man understands what most Americans are going through and has built into his chart great compassion for the down trodden, the middle class and the people at large.

Joe Biden — Who is he, an astrological analysis

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