Will John McCain survive if he’s president?

Being a cancer survivor means remission not cure. For a man that is 72 years old (the average life expectancy being 77 but lets face it McCain has had more than his fair share of health crisis in the past.

In Feb/March of 2009, not far into his potential presidency, McCain will face some extremely challenging health aspects. In August he had Uranus opposing his Venus which is when he found his soul mate in Sarah Palin out of the blue. Back to the issue, it will start (signs of this have probably already started and perhaps he knows something we don’t) when Uranus conjuncts his Saturn in the 6th (house of health). He naturally has health issues, chronic in nature that flare up from time to time, probably from stress. But this will hit him hard and oppose his Venus in the 12th (Venus rules his chart) making him look visibly ill. Pluto, we all should know about Pluto at this point — death, rebirth, sex, a hard core nasty when it hits you — will be squaring his Mercury, giving signs of speech trouble and an inability to concentrate. This aspect has been coming and going for a while which is probably why he has gotten so inept at reading from a tele-prompter. Mercury rules his Sun, Venus and his 12th house of death. This really isn’t good for a 72 year old cancer survivor. 

One can never really predict death via astrology, but we can see health troubles, and it looks like he’s in for some seriously bad health early into his administration, so bad it could be fatal. Saturn (the great malefic) is also reeking havoc as it has hit his Neptune (loss and in his case rules his house of health) and then moves over his Venus, his chart ruler and then his Mercury. All in all it doesn’t look good for John McCain’s health and I wouldn’t be surprised if his body gave out early in his administration.

This is why it is imperative to look at Sarah Palin because she would inherit the throne. In her we would see an administration like Bush’s only much worse. I hate to use what some would think of as hyperbole, but in this case it’s actually not, she’s Hitler in high heels. Her chart is more akin to a dictator than a president. Actually, there has never been a president with the kind of chart she has with so much weight on fixed signs and air. Being an Aquarian is generally a pretty good thing, as most have humanitarian urges, but in her case all this is in the 7th (meaning it’s projected onto her partners) and we see an ego run amok with a weak Sun in the 7th with Leo rising. Seriously, she has no ability for details, shades of gray or anything, but absolutes.

Aquarians also like to buck the system which can be good if they have good intentions. Unfortunately, in Palin’s case it’s not that she has bad intentions, its just that she doesn’t have clear, intelligent, fair, balanced and wise judgement. She’d likely to veto bills just because. She’d shred the constitution if she could get away with it and being that we’re half way there, it’s not that out of the question. She’ll let a witch hunter pray over her if she can win. She’s irrational, self absorbed and a “know it all” — not good. Not good at all. And believe me I want to see a woman in the white house more than you could ever know, but not one that would throw us back into the dark ages.

Will John McCain survive if he’s president?

5 thoughts on “Will John McCain survive if he’s president?

  1. Kaz says:

    Very interesting (and scary…) I like your POV and your chart interpretations seem very accurate. (Palin’s body language and public speaking methods are uncannily like those of a Narcissist I worked for!) What scares me even more are Palin’s Neptune aspects. It’s been back and forth over sun since last March 08, final hit about 29 December 08. Transit has to do with partnerships, open enemies… outcome is a mix of 1st house (sun rules– identity/ self) and 8th house (neptune rules)– that can certain indicate birth of a child (first transit hit–) and also issues of sex, death, big business. I’m worried that people will be taken in with the “fog”, illusion, and duplicity! Your comment about McCain’s health is really worrying– Feb/ March 2009. Because after Palin’s Neptune finishes conjuncting her sun, it immediately conjuncts her Mars and then saturn– both in 7th. Nept/ Mars conjunction: fantasy and aggression. (irrational aggression?) That starts January 2009. And very soon after Neptune will hit saturn in 7th in March/ April 09. (And it will back and forth over these planets in 2009.) Saturn is control, method, boundaries. Neptune dissolves boundaries. Outcome: saturn rules 6th house: daily activities/ routines, health and also home and nept 8th: big business, life/ death issues, sex… So definitely some kind of change in home life and maybe health– life/ death? This could be her… or could it be her “partner” McCain??
    Final outcome there: January 20 2010. I truly hope this means the truth about her being exposed… rather than McCain getting ill and Palin becoming president. Very frightening thought.

  2. zoma777 says:

    Hello NoBomba,

    I have no idea what your talking about.

    Recently, I heard a conservative pundit on CNN asking for Sarah Palin to resign because the actuary odds are 1 in 5 that Sarah Palin would take over his job (not taking into consideration the stress of being President or his bad health history). This is why so many conservatives have in the past few weeks been crying out for a different running mate. They don’t believe she is qualified. Now those are just statistics, are they full of emotion as well?

    Namaste to you as well.

  3. dave says:

    Wow, why are you mentioning the average life expectancy? you do know the population that is derived from, right? Now look at the population McCain is in and compare them. You’ll notice your statistic is worthless.

    Please read up on the methodology used to derive your figures before you try to use that as some relevant stat fro McCain, which it is not.

    A 25 year old will live a lesser amount of total time than a 70 year old on average, and that’s the mistake you’ve neglected.

  4. zoma777 says:

    I was quoting a CNN pundit who was talking about actuary odds. You know those guys who work for insurance agencies who try to figure out what kind of risk you are? That’s all. Those odds did not take into consideration McCain’s previous health history or the stress of the job of presidency. BTW, your logic is flawed at best and really makes no sense. It’s about statistics. If someone dies at 25 and another person at 70 then obviously the 70 year old lived longer. What does that have to do with anything? Perhaps you should elaborate because your not making any sense. I recently saw an ad taken out by a group of medical professionals who were asking McCain to release his records. I guess he has denied doing this. I ask you, why would a 72 year old man in perfect health want to hide the fact that he was 100% healthy. It sure would calm a lot of conservatives down to know Palin would never take the reigns. As a lot of them have called for her resignation.

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