When to Sell WebMD… the answer

Right now transiting Neptune is going back and forth over the companies Sun in the 11th. Making for a lot of confusion and misinformation, even secrets. Transiting Uranus is now in the companies 12th house and hit it’s Venus (ruling assets in general and more specifically in this case, their image) in the spring of 07 this gave rise to instability behind the scenes. You may have seen a down turn in the stock at the time as something would have leaked out. Even earlier than that Neptune (starting back in 04) has been reeking havoc as it’s been passing through the 11th house. The company has not been living up to expectations for a while now, it has seen it’s hopes and dreams ebb away.

Pluto has just gone over the companies moon in Sagittarius in the 9th sextiling natal Mercury. The company most likely tried to restructure how they put information out into the world, perhaps changing their website or looking for a traditional way to publish information (via the publishing industry). It looks like there is a possibility that more traditional means of publishing will save them. Depending on when you bought this stock you’ve probably lost money over the past few years, seen wild fluctuations and been on edge. I’d say either October 9 or 10 of this year is the best time to sell. I’m sorry to say the more ideal days for selling fall on weekends. But this isn’t a bad time to do it.

Good Luck and use your intuition…

When to Sell WebMD… the answer

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