Selling your stock — Fannie Mae — The Answer

The person who asked me about this stock recently bought it and wanted to know about this stock and Freddie Mac. Unfortunately, I did not have data for Freddie Mac. Most stocks are in my data base but not all. So here goes about Fannie Mae:

The bad aspects happening to this company are actually only beginning. With Uranus making a transiting opposition to the companies Pluto in the 12th house of loss, there will be major restructuring which we are starting to see. Pluto is slow moving and going back and forth as it retrogrades.

Right now transiting Uranus is retrograde, meaning it’s moving away from the opposition to the company’s Pluto in the 12th, but it will come back! And another major hit will take place in March of 2009.

This is only the beginning with transiting Uranus opposing natal Uranus later, then the company’s natal Venus, then Mercury. There will be major changes behind the scenes and a lot of loss as things are restructured. After all this happens the company (if it survives) will be almost unrecognizable version of what it once was.  

I honestly can’t give a good time to sell this stock as there are so many bad aspects and when a window seems to open seeming a tiny bit there are other bad aspects to offset it. I’d use your own intuition as there really isn’t going to be any opportune time to sell for a very long time and it’s not certain this institution will survive in the long term.

If you don’t have much tied up in it then perhaps waiting it out until May of 2011 would be OK. As long as you don’t have much to loose here.

If it were me I would get rid of it when the Sun goes over the first house Monday October 8 of this year because all these bad aspects might very well destroy this institution. I don’t know if you’ll make a profit or even break even, as this is the titanic and you hopped on as it’s burning!

I’m sorry to give the bad news.

Best wishes and good luck! Trust your intuition, that’s the best thing in this situation.

Selling your stock — Fannie Mae — The Answer

Selling Your Stock — Aastrom Biosciences IPO – Answers

First if you sent me an e-mail please post in the comment section of the blog instead. I am not showing these comments publicly for obvious reasons. I doubt anyone wants their financial investments to be known publicly. I’m having trouble with my e-mail and can’t open up some of them. Mercury has gone retrograde, so this is typical but anyway, here are some answers to readers questions of when to sell stock.

I had a request to look at Array, Biopharma Inc., Osiris Therapeutics Inc, Aastrom Biosciences IPO and Rosetta from one person. My data base only had one of these stock charts and that was Aastrom Biosciences IPO so here goes:

There’s an applying transiting Saturn inconjunction to the companies rising, and an applying square from transiting Jupiter to the company’s rising sign. The worst aspects however for this company are coming up in 09, with Pluto going over the company’s moon around March of next year. There’s really no great time to sell this stock but the best time I an see in the immediate future is this coming Monday, Sunday September 28th would be best but Monday September 29, isn’t good. There will be an invigorating transiting Sun and Moon (new moon) conjuncting the companies Mars and trining the company’s Jupiter. All good. They won’t be applying which is preferred except to the company’s Jupiter but it’s over all positive energy.

Selling Your Stock — Aastrom Biosciences IPO – Answers

Will the American People See John McCain as the Debate Winner? The tarot answers…

The answer is no.

The cards indicate that his record, his hiding during the economic crisis and the pattern of his voting record that Obama brought up as well as his confusion over who the leader of Spain one of our allies, and his betrayal of the Veterans as issues that ultimately will play out to McCain’s disadvantage.

Stylisticly the American people will read McCain’s body language and snarky comments as back stabbing and below the belt, similar to what they’ve seen in the Bush administration. It seems that the American people are tired of unstable, gut reactive style leadership without any intellectual plan to back them up. 

I ask if John McCain doesn’t think that Obama is ready to lead on day one because of his inexperience then why did he nominate Sarah Palin as his running mate when he’s had cancer 4 times and very well could relapse. He won’t disclose his medical records which as I’ve indicated in earlier posts is most likely because he’s suffering from a health problem now. Is Sarah Palin ready to lead in case of his incapacitation or death? If experience is so important than why would he choose someone without any foreign policy experience other than seeing Russia from her house.

As I’m writing this a poll just came out confirming what the tarot has said, 40% of uncommitted voters say Obama won, 38% say it was a draw and 22% thought McCain won. So again the tarot comes through!

Will the American People See John McCain as the Debate Winner? The tarot answers…