Selling Your Stock — Aastrom Biosciences IPO – Answers

First if you sent me an e-mail please post in the comment section of the blog instead. I am not showing these comments publicly for obvious reasons. I doubt anyone wants their financial investments to be known publicly. I’m having trouble with my e-mail and can’t open up some of them. Mercury has gone retrograde, so this is typical but anyway, here are some answers to readers questions of when to sell stock.

I had a request to look at Array, Biopharma Inc., Osiris Therapeutics Inc, Aastrom Biosciences IPO and Rosetta from one person. My data base only had one of these stock charts and that was Aastrom Biosciences IPO so here goes:

There’s an applying transiting Saturn inconjunction to the companies rising, and an applying square from transiting Jupiter to the company’s rising sign. The worst aspects however for this company are coming up in 09, with Pluto going over the company’s moon around March of next year. There’s really no great time to sell this stock but the best time I an see in the immediate future is this coming Monday, Sunday September 28th would be best but Monday September 29, isn’t good. There will be an invigorating transiting Sun and Moon (new moon) conjuncting the companies Mars and trining the company’s Jupiter. All good. They won’t be applying which is preferred except to the company’s Jupiter but it’s over all positive energy.

Selling Your Stock — Aastrom Biosciences IPO – Answers

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