Will the American People See John McCain as the Debate Winner? The tarot answers…

The answer is no.

The cards indicate that his record, his hiding during the economic crisis and the pattern of his voting record that Obama brought up as well as his confusion over who the leader of Spain one of our allies, and his betrayal of the Veterans as issues that ultimately will play out to McCain’s disadvantage.

Stylisticly the American people will read McCain’s body language and snarky comments as back stabbing and below the belt, similar to what they’ve seen in the Bush administration. It seems that the American people are tired of unstable, gut reactive style leadership without any intellectual plan to back them up. 

I ask if John McCain doesn’t think that Obama is ready to lead on day one because of his inexperience then why did he nominate Sarah Palin as his running mate when he’s had cancer 4 times and very well could relapse. He won’t disclose his medical records which as I’ve indicated in earlier posts is most likely because he’s suffering from a health problem now. Is Sarah Palin ready to lead in case of his incapacitation or death? If experience is so important than why would he choose someone without any foreign policy experience other than seeing Russia from her house.

As I’m writing this a poll just came out confirming what the tarot has said, 40% of uncommitted voters say Obama won, 38% say it was a draw and 22% thought McCain won. So again the tarot comes through!

Will the American People See John McCain as the Debate Winner? The tarot answers…

One thought on “Will the American People See John McCain as the Debate Winner? The tarot answers…

  1. Hi, impressive commentary on your site. Ran across a few claiming to be ‘good’ psychics but you appear to be right on point. Good for you (and others I presume). First let me say I’m not interested in my personal name and info being posted, you can do what you like with the material, but I was compelled to emailed you (and I don’t get compelled to easily on these things on the net) after reading about the devastation that would occur in the event that McCain became President. God gave me the inspiration sometime ago, that Obama was destine to be President, and if he wasn’t then “Babylon the Great”-USA would finally fall. And, I’ve had this inspiration prior to even hearing Obama speak; actually first heard him during the Presidential debate. Short of it is, Obama is the likes of Joseph in the Bible, the Slave that became King of Egypt and prosperity blossomed. I never thought I’d see the day, that such would happen for a Black man in this Country, and I though destruction of America was a foregone conclusion for the evils that ‘it’ has done, and does nationally and around the globe. I’m now seeing the trueness of God be oft forgiven and most merciful. This is a good thing. As we don’t want to see God’s destruction, as I’ve been told. So God has extended to this Country an Olive Branch by the name of Obama. The last of the one color Presidents has happen. But more importantly, is the fact that the election is soo much ‘bigger’ than Obama and McCain, as you’ve alluded to in your post. It is the salvation of this nation as we know it. I’ve watched how God smoothly orchestrated the rise of Obama in away that the ‘opposition’ never saw him coming (self included), and the latest nail in the coffin is the financial wallstreet crisis. With it sunk McCain, and the propelling of Obama. So, how bad have things gotten, so bad that I decided to vote, as I usually stay away from the cess pool of politics. Let me not be the one to hinder God’s deliverance of the USA from evil, especially since I live here. The foolish think its about a Black Muslim named B. H. Obama, but it’s about God’s extending his hand of mercy.

    Now on another note of what I really wanted to email you about, different than all the other ‘national’ stuff that is on your blog site, is my online business opportunity the Free Online Cash System and it’s prosperity and challenges. We started the program, back around 9/2007 but after some turmoil and finally getting things right we used the official date of 12/15/2007. We are now in a ‘rebirth’ phase after departing with a ‘bad apple’ around August-September 2008. So, if you get a chance let me know what the Stars say, or re-confirm (as God keep me in tune).

    And if you want to know about me here’s my info: Ajamu Kafele, born Cleveland, Ohio 2/28/1969, 11:12pm EST. I believe that basic info you need.

    God Bless and continued success,

    Jah Kafele

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