OK, what’s going to happen with the Bail Out? The Tarot Answers…

I’m getting sick of waiting and its really starting to freak me out. My left brain keep saying to my intuition, come on, they’ll figure it out, they know how bad it will be if there’s no bail out. But with the Dow’s horrifying chart. My intuition keeps freaking out that there hasn’t been any agreement reached.

So I asked the tarot…

Here’s the answer:

It will be close, but it will not pass. The spread is 5 no to 3 yes. Almost split. They will not be able to find bipartisan partnership here, and at the core of the problem are secret deals going on behind the scenes, people who are afraid their political power will ebb away if they vote for it. It would help the US economy and put us back into a competitive position in the world. But it doesn’t look like, at least for now that it will pass. I hope things change.

Hopefully, if all hell breaks loose eventually a new panacea to the problem will be found.

I have hope that it will, eventually.

I just worry that we’ll all suffer for a while until it gets so bad and it will take a herculean effort to get our economy back on track.

Hope I’m wrong.

OK, what’s going to happen with the Bail Out? The Tarot Answers…

2 thoughts on “OK, what’s going to happen with the Bail Out? The Tarot Answers…

  1. Nitin says:

    You are so accurate in that bailout things. I am not american but i do take a close look on the happenings of your country. The banks need that bailout, and the Country standard of living is all time low. So where u have to put money n healthcare and education, you are bailing out bank…i can understand why congress does not want to vote. at least few of them. I feel for the american people…It is probably one of the darkes moment in American History. I pray that you guys get out of this situation.

    God bless

  2. Good job on the prediction! I love the Tarot, they are never wrong!

    I say that, but I must add that you are very wrong about your silly idea that we desperately need this ‘bailout’. It is a ridiculious thing designed to rob America.

    By the way, I bet you really do know the future pretty good…and then you must realize that the future we all see is down this road we are currently traveling…

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