Result of the Palin/Biden Debate October 2… the tarot answers

A reader asked about the results of the Palin/Biden debate October 2… So let’s ask the tarot.

Here’s the answer:

It’s more than a draw then it should be. He will come out the clear winner in terms of understanding the economy, the work force and in terms of experience, but she will bait him emotionally and he will show a bit of the dark side of his personality. He will have to be careful not to seem condescending and snarky which will work to his disadvantage. She has more charisma than people are giving her credit for. She may not be bright, well suited for the job or experienced, but she’s likable and Biden will not have that advantage. It looks like Dem’s will see it as a win for their side and Republicans a win for her. Those who are undecided will be mixed about 50/50.

If he can reign in his dark side then he can win it, but only if he stays on very good behavior which is not his strong suit. And he must stick closely to the issues, not going off on weird tangents.

More clarification with the cards. What the viewing audience will see in terms of Palin: 

The audience in general will like her. She appears confident even if foolish at times, and they will see her as wounded perhaps unfairly, even betrayed. She will be comfortable in that format (all those years in beauty competitions and being a sports caster will help). She will not have a strong grasp of her role or the job of Vice President and will be tongue tied at times, but will appear in control and on top of things in terms of her body language and strong self-confidence (or should I say over-confidence).

What the audience will see in terms of Biden:

He won’t appear to be very likable. He will come across as being secretive (which he is according to his chart, not that this makes him a bad guy, but people generally don’t trust people they feel are holding something back). He will have the tendency to be thrown off his game a bit, following odd tangents, and appear to be over thinking questions. He will not look victorious. On the good side, he will seem a good partner to Obama complimenting his gentleman style with a much more aggressive almost dictatorial personality. He will also come across as a family man, very much in love with his wife (and dead wife.)

Strangely, I would never have thought this reading possible. My intellect thought Biden would tear Palin a new one in the debate, but it looks like it’s not that clear cut as Biden has dark bossy tendencies and tangential thinking that will work against him. Again, he will also seem to be hiding something, what I don’t know. All in all he doesn’t have the charisma and energy of Palin who has nothing else to offer, but that. However, we’ve seen that alone win elections so, again it’s going to be a draw where I would have thought Biden to be a clear winner.

Result of the Palin/Biden Debate October 2… the tarot answers

10 thoughts on “Result of the Palin/Biden Debate October 2… the tarot answers

  1. Wyntyr says:

    Great answer! And, what I am getting is whether Palin gets through the debate or not, she is going to be facing crisis after crisis in the media and in McCain’s campaign throughout the election. She has caused severe ruptures of undeniable doubt within her own party. They know the truth regarding this woman and know that not only was she not vetted but she is (putting it politely) vastly underqualified and it has a lot of Republicans worried about this candidate holding the VP slot. They know it would be disastrous. And, I am saying this from an unbiased, neutral stance and calling it like it is and how my guide’s interpret it. I do believe the ‘debate’ format will suit her better but the American people and the media have GOT to demand that she get in front of the American people on the Sunday round up shows, face additional solo interviews and face tough questions just like all of the other candidates. We must as American’s truly see who this woman is for our own future and to be able to make an intelligent decision in this election.

  2. hopeandaplan says:

    Denise, thank you for your commitment and sharing your insights on this blog. They are very compelling. I was wondering if Biden’s perception of hiding something isnt his attempt to reign himself in and not seem condescending? He’s a very passionate man and frankly her endless amusement with her own adorableness is really getting on my last nerve. She reminds me of the character from Legally Blonde but everytime I laugh I wince, too. I cant believe that this woman could one day rule this nation and that she is a role model for young girls everywhere. She’s like a Christian Paris Hilton. In love with herself… and profoundly immature. Putin must be rolling on the floor of the Kremlin!

  3. Equality says:

    Why not question that the moderator, Gwen Ifill, of the upcoming Biden-Palin debate is pro-Obama. She wrote a book that praises Obama, obviously she will try her best to make Palin look bad in the debate Why couldn’t the moderator be more fair and bi-partisan?

    Why not make fun of Joe Biden, who thinks FDR was President in 1929, and thinks paying more taxes is patriotic?

  4. zoma777 says:

    OK, this was the rhetoric to cover Palin’s butt in case she came out looking bad. But it really didn’t seem Gwen Ifill was biased. If anything she put both of them on the hot seat pretty equally. Like I said in the post, both Biden and Palin would do fine. It would be a draw. And it seems that’s how it turned out, both their numbers went up.

  5. Nomad says:

    “All in all he doesn’t have the charisma and energy of Palin who has nothing else to offer, but that. ”

    Hello, she is the ONLY one of the 3 P/VP candidates who knows anything about executive positions, which as you ought to know, the roll of President is!

    Well, I’m with Sarah in noticing that the experiences that women have are not counted. If she were a man, the left would not be questioning her experience – witness the case of Obama.

  6. karidad says:

    I read your blog with great interest – and have sent it on to others. I have a question about Proposition 8. As a lesbian with a partner of 20 years, we were delighted to finally have a legal wedding on Sept 27th. Our party favors were No on Prop 8 yard signs and Obama/Biden stickers.
    BUT now I hear that Prop 8 may pass.
    This is really distressing. Could you tell me what you ‘see’?
    Thank you

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