Some posts…

I just wanted to address some of the crazy posts I’ve been getting that you will not see on the blog because they are clearly from crazy staunch Republicans who are angry with my predictions. Also some have called me Satan? I guess because I’m using astrology and the tarot.

Oh, well… It kind of warms the cockles of my heart to get under the skin of people who clearly react with such immense vigor against that which they don’t know or don’t want to consider. It’s kind of great, because (to me) it means that it must be hitting something in their gut they don’t want to trust and in turn spew vile to quash the voice of what they don’t want to hear. 

Sorry to say for their sake it won’t work, it only makes me want to post more!

So for those of you who are bothered by what I’m saying, save your energy for your own blog and for your own sake don’t encourage me. It will just fire me up!

Some posts…

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