A Question From A Reader… The Tarot Answers…

From Melissa:

I love your web-site! I would like to ask the question if the Clinton’s (especially Bill Clinton) will help Obama in this election. I know that he is slated to campaign for him quite a bit in October (after he finishes his Global initiative in Sept.) but will this effort pay off for Obama in any significant way? Thank you!

So I asked the tarot:

The answer a pretty resounding NO.

It looks like there are a lot of hard feelings. They won’t do anything consciously to hurt Obama and even though they will go on the trail for him, it won’t be with much fire or strength. However, it does look like Hillary will be more helpful and supportive than Bill. All in all, they won’t really change voters’ minds, unless they let go (especially Bill) of the bad feelings left in the wake of Hillary’s campaign. It seems (from the cards) that there is a certain amount of humiliation Bill (in particular) feels, he doesn’t feel the Obama camp gave him a generous way out of some of the harsh statements he made and because of this Bill has anxiety around a real full fledged endorsement.

A Question From A Reader… The Tarot Answers…

3 thoughts on “A Question From A Reader… The Tarot Answers…

  1. Hi there,

    I looked over your blog and it looks really good. Do you ever do link exchanges on your blog roll? If you do, I’d like to exchange links with you.

    Let me know if you’re interested.


  2. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for kindly answering my question. I, too, have a feeling that Bill will do ‘what he is told’ (as he put it) but will not do it with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, as you said, his ego is very bruised and he is almost like a little sulking boy. He doesn’t like to take responsibility for some of the things he did to himself during the primary. He loves attention and I am sure that his ego is also bruised from all of the attention Obama is getting. It’s ashame because if he were to get past his ego and embrace Obama he would skyrocket in the eyes of the public. But, sadly I am doubtful that it will happen. Thank you again for answering my question. 🙂

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