A Reader Asks A Stock Question….

I’ve removed the readers personal info and have not put their post up for public view but here was the question:

I have Australian Resource stocks Minara Resources – MREand Oz Minerals OZL both share prices have plunged and I am hanging by a thread, shall I hold on or sell?

Neither of these stocks are listed in my data base, probably because they are foreign. But I can answer the question with the tarot in a yes/no spread. Please take the answer with a grain of salt. It’s the tarot, and although I’ve know it to be uncannily accurate, it’s still your money and life and I wouldn’t want anyone trusting anything without using their own judgement and intuition.

Should you sell Australian Resource stocks Minara Resources: The Tarot Answer:


It’s a confusing time right now. Don’t panic though. You can get out without much pain, but you need to trust your best judgement, do some research, and then sell. The timing of this is over the next 3 months so, in your case you have a bit of time. If you’ve already lost a bunch it looks like there will come a time in the not to distant future that will be good, seize it fast, and then sell.

Should you sell Minerals OZL? The Tarot Answers:


But you won’t get out of this stock without loss. Right now is a particularly anxious time, the next month it will look bad as well. You will loose money on this no matter what, but again I suggest you gather as much information as possible. It looks like if you wait a little bit of time, again then you will find a decent time to sell and stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, it looks like you lost your window. The other stock you’ll do better with.

Hope it helps.

Best wishes and good luck.

A Reader Asks A Stock Question….

4 thoughts on “A Reader Asks A Stock Question….

  1. I recently discovered your blog. Impressive. I’ve added it to my blogroll.

    I’d also like to extend an open invitation to you, and to your readers, to participate at Celestial Reflctions. It’s a community blog. Membership is free and that membership gives you your own blog as well commenting ability throughout. You can crosspost any of your entries from your own blog. Copyright would remain with you and you are welcome to provide links back to your own blog, and/or any other sites you want to promote. It’s a brand new venture, in association with my regular site at Celestial Healing Arts. My hope is to build community between spiritually themed blogs and increase their visibility. I hope to see you there.

    And, out of curiosity, what’s your take October 7th and the Time Monks prediction?


  2. Louis says:

    Hi Denise I very much appreciate your reply and your time. The psychic advised me in October to hold on to the Australian stocks I hold. One you have answered with Oz minerals. The other is Minara Resources MRE ( Nickel and Colbalt Miner) which began on 17th March 1994. I couldn’t agree more that this crisis is more than fear and although it hurts many of us little people who have become victims of greed and deception, this crisis had to happen because we must come back to real values and respect for each other. Competition, winners and losers, victims and predators are not a healthy way to live and is unsustainable in the long run. May all the things that are good eventually prevail . And the ‘meek inherit the earth. One other question I have, although I like Hilary Clinton I am unsure of her possible position as State Secretary. Do you think if she took on the role would she be able to negotiate peacefully with other nations and create healing with those nations that are angry with America’s previous actions, interference and foreign policy? Thankyou so much

  3. Louis says:

    Hi denise, I am an avid reader of your website. Thankyou again. I have written previously asking about OZ minerals, you have said it would be brought out in 2010 however there has been an offer to by the company by a Chinese company. Will they buy it this year. And is it wise to buy more to reduce the overall loss, as the Chinese company is offering a little more than its present share price?. The other question is currently in Victoria, Australia we have had terrible fires devastating and killing many. Is there a rhyme or reason for particular areas throughout the world to be hit by disaster and are those people chosen to suffer such excruciating loss? Thanks again
    Warmest wishes

  4. Louis says:

    A little added info to the above query, the Chinese company offering to buy the desperate Australian Resource Company Oz Minerals OZL is called Minmetals. Is this my last chance to recoup a little of the huge losses I have already experienced?
    Blessings and more

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