Answering Readers Questions…

I’ve gotten a variety of different questions from readers, some have already been answered in posts.  I want to make sure that people who have asked questions can navigate the answers, so I will post the comment/question and a basic overview of the answer if already answered in an earlier post and the name of the article to look up more info on this blog.

Here’s one question posted in the comment section, answered in an earlier post:

what will be the nation’s reaction to the news that a bailout plan has been agreed upon? Will the plan work? Which candidate if any will benefit from the plan? Will McCain come out looking like a hero?

According to the reading I did this Sunday the 28th around 7PM PST, it was a NO on the bail out plan. It wasn’t going to pass. It would be close. Scroll down the front page and you’ll find it.

I did get the message while I was doing the reading for the bail-out that another bill, not called a bail out, would be put together to help the economy in the short term. It would help a bit, but would not be as effective. Anyway, that information hasn’t come out yet, so look for news of that to be later this week or next week.

That new bill will pass, but we’re going to feel the pain.

Thanks Republicans!

Wow, I guess Nancy Polosi reminded them too much of their mean mommies. They had to rebel and throw their peas at her, but missed and destroyed the US economy instead! Oh, well, it’s not like they weren’t working hard on destroying the economy for a long time.

I have a feeling this will back fire with the wealthy one percent who put them in power and have now lost unbelievable amounts of money. It might just do for the Republican party what the civil war did. Until Reagan the South held a grudge against the party because of Lincoln. I think we’ll see the very wealthy turn on the party.

I have a feeling we may see the emergence of a real third party over the next few years. I wouldn’t be surprised to find the fiscal conservative, one per-centers really pushing the libertarian camp out of the shadows, and into the main stream. If not them, then someone else. Anyway, that’s a tangent. I’ll get back with more readers questions. It’s late and I have to have weird dreams. I’ll answer more questions tomorrow.

Be well and best wishes to all…

Answering Readers Questions…

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