Will Barack Obama Win The Next Presidential Debate On October 7? The Tarot Answers…

A lot of readers have wondered who would win the next presidential debate October 7th. And since I have to answer this in a yes/no spread I asked the tarot, Will Barack Obama win the next presidential debate:

The answer:


Obama will be in control, well informed, temperate, and ultimately at the root of the answer. He will be victorious. But it will be an empty victory as John McCain will be down in the polls.

We will see a strange, dark side of McCain during this debate, something glimpsed at the last debate. He will come across as playing unfairly and as a power grabber. A bit like a cornered animal. But this will appeal to the base of the Republican party, so he won’t destroy himself either. Those who are staunch supporters will stay on McCain’s boat, but Obama will convert more undecided voters and those who have started to stray from Republican ideology.

Will Barack Obama Win The Next Presidential Debate On October 7? The Tarot Answers…

The Vice-Presidential Debate Another Tarot Prediction… (Also answering reader’s questions)

I can’t believe my own reading on this topic posted a few days ago. I mean really, Sarah Palin makes Joe Biden look like Einstein.

A reader asked:

tiatabua@yahoo.com |

Denise, thank you for your commitment and sharing your insights on this blog. They are very compelling. I was wondering if Biden’s perception of hiding something isnt his attempt to reign himself in and not seem condescending? He’s a very passionate man and frankly her endless amusement with her own adorableness is really getting on my last nerve. She reminds me of the character from Legally Blonde but everytime I laugh I wince, too. I cant believe that this woman could one day rule this nation and that she is a role model for young girls everywhere. She’s like a Christian Paris Hilton. In love with herself… and profoundly immature. Putin must be rolling on the floor of the Kremlin!

By the way I couldn’t agree more with her (the reader’s) assessment of Palin. And I’m sure (unfortunately for us) Putin is probably LOL.

Anyway, this is not the only reader who has wondered about what I said in an earlier post regarding Biden coming across as if he’s hiding something. I said this because he has a boat load of planets in Scorpio in his natal 12th house. Meaning he is intensely private (as well as being intense). It doesn’t literally mean he is hiding something. But people who have charts like this often put people off because it feels like they are holding back, or not being upfront. 

I just had to revisit this issue because it seems so impossible that this debate could come up a draw. So here goes with new info about the upcoming debate.

I asked the tarot: After the Vice Presidential debate will more people want to vote for Palin?

The answer, a sad, Yes!

I got the ace of cups in the center, meaning people will fall in love with her. She’ll seem comfortable and will look attacked. She’ll be charming and unfortunately, this will hold weight (at least for a while). So those who love her will love her more, and those who like her will like her more. Not that she will win the debate, that question was already answered. It will be a draw.

So again the original tarot reading stands.

It will be a draw. 😦 Can you believe it? Neither can I. 

IF ANYONE FROM THE BIDEN CAMP IS READING THIS! PLEASE make sure he doesn’t think this is going to be a walk in the park, and tell him to PREPARE, and not to seem condescending, or mean, or rude, or harsh. He should make sure to treat her politely, respectfully, keep calm, and cool. And then run intellectual circles around her, that part will be easy, but the rest… Well, that will be hard.

Best wishes to all.

The Vice-Presidential Debate Another Tarot Prediction… (Also answering reader’s questions)

A Reader Writes…

S K Sharma writes in a comment:

I agree with you regarding the downfall of the stock markets worlwide after 15.12.08.
But I feel Pluto is not the only planet which will make the storms, because Saturn opposing Uranus is also a major event. Please correct me, if I am wrong,because I am at a learning stage only.
In Vedic Astrolgy (Nirayana system), Jupiter will enter Capricorn in the first week of Dec, 2008 , which is another factor for the market fall .In 2009, Uranus will be opposite Saturn, and square to Pluto.

Absolutely true, actually the window at the top of the blog is a snapshot of the Dow’s natal chart.

I’m also glad you brought up Vedic astrology which is very different from western/tropical astrology. I studied Vedic astrology for a while in an attempt to try to fortify my knowledge. It also interested me because Vedic astrology was geared toward predictive work where western/tropical astrology is often humanistic and less predictive.

After working with the Vedic system for a couple of years and researching, reading and using it, I ultimately found it to be so fundamentally different than western/tropical it just confused things for me. I think as an astrologer its important to find a system that works for you and stick with it.

You pointed out other aspects that are going on at the same time validating the conclusions that I have come to. After talking with hundreds of astrologers over the years, I’ve found this to be common. We all have our own ways of coming to conclusions, often focusing on different planets, but somehow we usually come up with similar conclusions. This is because there are patterns, and multiple roads to the same answers. The most important thing about astrology is following your intuition and letting the charts speak to you, after getting to know the basics.

Best luck and good wishes to you.

A Reader Writes…