Will Barack Obama Win The Next Presidential Debate On October 7? The Tarot Answers…

A lot of readers have wondered who would win the next presidential debate October 7th. And since I have to answer this in a yes/no spread I asked the tarot, Will Barack Obama win the next presidential debate:

The answer:


Obama will be in control, well informed, temperate, and ultimately at the root of the answer. He will be victorious. But it will be an empty victory as John McCain will be down in the polls.

We will see a strange, dark side of McCain during this debate, something glimpsed at the last debate. He will come across as playing unfairly and as a power grabber. A bit like a cornered animal. But this will appeal to the base of the Republican party, so he won’t destroy himself either. Those who are staunch supporters will stay on McCain’s boat, but Obama will convert more undecided voters and those who have started to stray from Republican ideology.

Will Barack Obama Win The Next Presidential Debate On October 7? The Tarot Answers…

3 thoughts on “Will Barack Obama Win The Next Presidential Debate On October 7? The Tarot Answers…

  1. You were spot on with the VP debate prediction, but I get a completely different reading on this one. I see McCain at the top of his game that night, beating Obama hands down on the issues and in personality.

  2. Whitehouse Employee says:

    McCain will be better at repeating worn out Bush slogans while trying to imitate Reagan. The intelligent among us will not buy into it.

    Obama will continue to be in better command of facts and demonstrate the ability to weigh all sides of complex issues.

    The Whitehouse Employee has spoken!

  3. Robert says:

    Well, in my humble opinion, Mag K, too much of your assessment is strictly in the eye of the beholder. At this point (October 13, 2008), the prediction is turning out to be quite accurate. I have a hard time seeing how you conclude what you have about the debate unless you were watching a different channel with stand-ins for both parties instead of the real Obama and McCain.

    McCain was pacing like a caged animal as Obama replied. Obama’s replies were well-targeted and nuanced and he remained calm and poised as McCain threw out the same tired old Republicanisms (with no more substance than “I know how to do that”) that got us into this mess and which have become more and more meaningless and even silly with their monotonous repetition. McCain apparently knows how to do things that no one else seems to know how to do. Picking mindless Sarah is one of them. No matter how you feel about her alleged abuse of power in Troopergate, the revelations contained in the documents referenced in the investigation are at the very least quite damning in terms of the naivete and downright embarrassing amateurishness that characterized her administration as governor.

    Sadly, some think that being eloquent and intelligent is synonymous with being an elitist. Too bad. We need smart people in government who actually know how to use the English language. Unfortunately, knowing how to speak well and use proper grammar is becoming increasingly less synonymous with being an American. Fixing that is going to take someone who’s not on the general bandwagon that is heading in this pitifully misguided direction and the all-too-popular mindset that is taking us there.

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