Answering A Reader’s Questions About Gold… The Tarot Answers…

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Can you please tell me if you see Gold becoming important again in financial affairs – as it used to be before the gold standard was abolished. Thank you.

It’s interesting that you ask this because I have been wondering this myself. I’ve had the intuition that it will not be the same in this new market. I also had a strange dream about a lawsuit against the treasury trying to re-instate the gold standard about a week ago. I’m not sure what that meant. So I’ll ask the tarot…

The answer to Cheryl’s question:

Yes and No.

Having gold will put you in a better position in certain circumstances, but not all. It will not protect a person financially in the way it would have a hundred years ago.

Oddly I get the feeling the market for gold in a depression wouldn’t be very strong as the only real use for gold is in making luxury items like jewelery and the only people that would be able to afford this are the extremely wealthy. While I’m sure you could sell gold for money, and it would help, it will not be enough to protect a person from financial depression.

Basically, don’t put all your eggs in the gold basket. If you have some, it’s not going to hurt, but buying it now isn’t a great advantage.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes to all.

Answering A Reader’s Questions About Gold… The Tarot Answers…

6 thoughts on “Answering A Reader’s Questions About Gold… The Tarot Answers…

  1. Elly says:

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  2. barry says:

    Gold has historically been seen as currency of last resort. Are you saying people in the future would rather have paper money that governments can print at will then gold? I don’t believe there has been a paper currency lasted. How long will the current US dollar last?

  3. zoma777 says:

    No, I understand what your saying, and as I said it doesn’t really make sense. What it looked like was there won’t really be a market for gold and there will be major reshaping of the global economy over the next couple of years, so there will be no historical go to paradigm that applies.

  4. barry says:

    Then perhaps you are seeing gold being confiscated by governments like the US government has done in the past. People would be forced to use paper currencies and thus no legit market for gold.

    I assume you see the same for all precious metals, silver, platinum, as well as precious metal mining stocks?

  5. zoma777 says:

    This is a possibility. I’m not sure exactly why it wouldn’t hold the same value as it would have 200 years ago. I’ll have to look into other precious metals. But wouldn’t this same confiscation apply to silver and or platinum? I’ll try to get to your question in the next couple of days. Thanks for your insight.

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