The Stock Market… Upcoming Problems…

OK, I know I said I didn’t want to talk about the stock market, but I also said that if there was something coming down the pike I would warn about it. Here’s something I hadn’t thought much about or noticed because I was so transfixed by the upcoming Pluto, going over the ascendant aspect. The market is about to have a Saturn return.

Remember when you were about 28-29 years old, or later when this aspect returned in your late 50s? It wasn’t an easy time, right? That’s because Saturn returned back to its original place in your birth chart. It happens to all of us, and is a manifesting aspect. It is also a karmic planet which is why a lot of rock stars drop off the planet at this time, if they’ve had drug or alcohol problems. Really anyone who hasn’t tried to evolve will have problems during a Saturn return. And lets face it this is the majority of people. Not that there is anything wrong with them, its just most people don’t think of their immortal souls until they are a little older, so most of us experience a pretty hectic Saturn return. I could go on but won’t, I will stick to how it applies to the stock market.

The last time we had a Saturn return for the Dow was the late 1970s when we were in the midst of a very bad recession. Add this to the mix of the Pluto aspect and all the hanky panky wall street has gotten into and we’re in for some serious trouble. We will see the exact degree of Saturn’s return starting at the end of this month. So don’t get lulled into a sense of complacency just yet. If you have any anxiety about investing, the smallest inkling or hunch. TRUST YOURSELF!!!! And sell when your intuition tells you to do so. We have a little bit of time, the end of this week should still be OK. But we will start to see more craziness by the end of the third week of October. So BE WARNED.

OK. I’ll post more about this and other aspects relating to the Dow soon. I had hoped that we would avert this crisis, and since Obama will win it will not get as bad as it could have, but we can’t be complacent!

Best wishes and good luck!

The Stock Market… Upcoming Problems…