Answering Readers Questions…

The first question comes from Steve:


RE: TSX, sorry about that, forgot to send that info. I believe it is October 25, 1861 ( If that does not help, RIMM is Canadian but should also be in your US database. Actually, our election just happened Oct 14th. Conservatives won. (4 year term). I have already lost a significant amount of life savings – can not imagine even more loss in a Dec crash. I think we may already had our crash and hope to get some of the money back soon. Thanks again. Have a good one.

Looking at the chart for this date (TSX) I really doubt it is accurate. I also have the chart of Canada and am going to post both of them below and then do some interpretation:

Reading through Canada’s natal chart it looks like Canada in general is not going to feel the hit in December that we do. I really don’t think the TSX chart is accurate. It feels wrong. And without the TSX chart I can’t read the market in the same way I can read the Dow or the NASDAQ. When it merged with the other market the chart would have changed. 

I get the feeling Canada’s problems will come later and be a sort of trickle down problem. Pluto doesn’t oppose Canada’s stellium in Cancer in the 9/10th houses until January 2011. And there will be some protective aspects like natal Jupiter sextiling from the 5th house, natal Mars trining from the 11th and natal Pluto trining from the 8th. It seems that most of the trouble will be in the Canadian job sector, and that will be bad for awhile.

But in terms of the stock market you guys won’t see the worst of it. It won’t really be until about 2015 and into 2016 that you see the economic fall out. I doubt your stock market will crash at the same time ours does. Also the problem is without the new TSX merger chart its hard to read what will exactly happen to that market. Canada itself will be OK. I know the whole world is connected right now, but Canada’s chart is pretty strong for the time being, like I said it won’t be for a few years that you feel the shock waves in a major way. I’m not familiar enough with how your market works (barely familiar with how the US market works) to give advice about this, but chances are if the company you are investing in is Canadian your investment will do much better. Hope that helps.


I enjoy your blog. I check it out almost everyday. I was wondering what are your vibes on the situation in Mexico? My own feelings are that we should keep a close eye on this. I feel the violence in Mexico is more of a threat to the average American’s personal safety than Iraq or Afganistan. My own intution says we will be asked by the Mexican government for police and/or military support, before this is over. What do you think? Thank you for your time and insight.

Hi Grace. Sadly, I think you’re right. It appears Mexico is in the middle of a civil drug war and there are so many ways this will impact our safety. Having a bunch of sociopaths running around killing people, it’s not hard to imagine the drug traffickers doing business with terrorists for the right price. If they can move drugs and people across boarders, then why not dirty bombs or the unthinkable? This is truly horrifying and so under reported. I knew there were problems in Mexico, and they were getting worse, but once you posted this I wanted to understand what you were referring to, and found that the violence is getting so out of control it rivals the statistics of a civil war. Almost 5,000 people have been horribly murdered this year so far. 

In terms of a reading I’m trying to get a handle on how to project forward and what to focus on. My intuition is telling me that if this does not get under control in the next couple of years we’ll see another major attack. 

I’m going to meditate on this and try to coax some dreams about this forward and post them later, but for now I asked the tarot:

Will there be another terrorist attack on the US by way of Mexico?

The answer: Yes.

But it looks like there is a very high likelihood at this time, that the attack would not be as effective as our enemies would want and it will be foiled. Our intelligence will catch it before it can do the kind of damage the enemy wishes to do. 

I’m going to really put feelers out and scope this question out in greater detail. I’ve had several odd dreams over the past few years that make me wonder if they are in partial reference to a future event of this type. I’ll let you know what I figure out. 

I had a strong inner voice telling me Chicago would be where the target strike would be in the next few years, but again I don’t feel it will be entirely successful by the terrorists’ standards. I checked the chart of Chicago and it looked like in 2010 there could be at the very least an attempt. Hopefully, it will be averted. 

I’m going to try to get more information about this. You are onto something. I feel it’s not in the immediate future, but perhaps in the next few years. Thanks for your insight!


Hi Denise: I know that Hillary Clinton, when asked what role she would have in the Obama Administration, has said that she would like to remain a Senator. I really believe that Obama has big plans for her. She’s a very intelligent woman and I greatly admire her. 1) What role will Hillary have in an Obama Administration? 2) Will Hillary ever be President? She is an amazing lady and would be a great President. Thanks!

Hi Tcal,

I know Hillary will be president. The timing was wrong for her this go round. If she would have run in 2004 she would have won. But she will win the next round. I have always been a big fan of hers, but I think she made some mistakes in her campaign that cost her the nomination this time around. Hopefully, she will learn from them, and be herself next time instead of listening to the “experts” telling her how to come across, or to do or say.

She has tremendous depth and intelligence, but I think she tried too hard to work against the implicit sexism. And this is where she went wrong. There will always be people who won’t vote for a woman just like there will be people who won’t vote for Obama because he’s of African descent. But luckily, these people are not the majority and over time there will be even less of them. So, in my humble opinion if Hillary is herself, doesn’t try to over think things and relaxes, she’ll win the next go round by a landslide.

People did not get to see what she has to offer and who she really is. She was too worried about the people she wanted to convert instead of worrying about the people who were on her side. Next time I don’t think she’ll make that mistake.

I don’t have the feeling Obama is going to use Hillary as anything more than an adviser on some issues. But I do feel her prominence in the Democratic party will continue to grow and in a strange way, because she didn’t get the nomination this time, she will be a better candidate next time, and a better president! 

Best wishes to all!

Later I will answer these questions and new posts. 


I want to first thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions. THANK YOU and I hope you are feeling better!!! Like I’ve said before…it’s unbelievable in how accurate you are! Second, I think it’s amazing that Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama. In my opinion it says a lot about the “Obama movement.” I just want people to please go out and vote!!!

Now here are my questions:
1. Since the polls recently are showing Barack Obama in the lead in some of the battleground states…will people really go out there to vote for him?
2. Do you see more of a shift in those battleground states toward Barack Obama in the upcoming weeks?
3. Do you still see Barack Obama as president?

Answering Readers Questions…

One thought on “Answering Readers Questions…

  1. grace43 says:

    Thank you so much for your response. I am sorry to see your intitution is reading the same as mine When that little boy in Las Vegas was kidnapped by Mexican drug lords posing as police officers in broad daylight, I knew the bad things happening in Mexico were not going to stay in Mexico. As the economic depressions deepens, unfortunately, so will the number of people seeking the quick buck in drugs and crime. My feeling is we can expect to see more of this. I had not thought of terrorist attacks though. Thank you so much for your insight.

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