Greenspan Confirms Tsunami Coming…

I’m republishing the first article written for this blog. The date was 9/18 about 11 days before the first major fall of the stock market and well before the effect was felt across the world. The reasons for this are: 

1. It is now buried in posts I’ve written.

2. It has new meaning in retrospect.

3. Greenspan talked to Congress today and warned of a once in a century “Credit Tsunami” that was coming. It gave me the chills. So I felt it was worth a look at this post again.

Hope you all are well. Good luck and sit tight!

Tsunami Coming!

September 18, 2008 · 1 Comment

Head for the hills. Seriously. I just looked at the chart of the Dow and there is some horrible stuff coming down the pike. Pluto is going over the Dow’s ascendant connecting with the two lights, sun and moon, opposing Uranus. This is a MAJOR DEATH AND REBIRTH ASPECT. Meaning there will be a DEATH and this in light of the stock market means I’d give it a 99.99 percent chance that there will be a stock market crash unlike anything we’ve ever seen, perhaps worse than the 1929 stock market crash. It is BAD. VERY VERY BAD. Take your money out of the market now before this happens. Protect yourself. Put it in something safe like a CD which is federally insured. Even if you have to wait for your money if the banks start collapsing like dominos at least you will still get your money. 

There will be ups and downs throughout the fall but this HORRIBLE TSUNAMI ASPECT will happen right around the winter solstice aka, December 21/22 depending on the exact timing which I haven’t bothered to check since it’s far enough in the future to tell everyone with certainty just get out. Unless you have lots of money to loose then put your money somewhere safe until the market stabilizes again which will be awhile from now but more on that as I look into that later.

First things first. BEWARE mid-late DECEMBER!


OK, I just re-read it and it gave me the chills. Yikes.

Greenspan Confirms Tsunami Coming…

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