Answering Readers’ Questions…

The first question comes from Amber:

Will singer Jennifer Hudson find her nephew that is missing? My feeling is that
he is hidden with his fathers family but is okay.
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You know this is a horrible thing that has happened to Jennifer Hudson’s family and I feel so badly for all of them. It is just sickening.

I saw a picture of the boy, and I feel he is in serious peril. He is terrified, and saw what happened to his grandmother, and uncle. I feel his father has him, and is acting extremely erratically and is very abusive. I worry that this man will kill the child. I am very worried. I hadn’t focused on it until I saw the picture of the poor boy, and now I am feeling he is in grave danger, and the father is not in his right mind. He could snap, and kill his own son if the boy is not found soon. 

I think its a matter of days, or weeks before this boy will pass over unless the police find him. I see the father on the road, running with the kid. Right now, the boy is alive. But I do see the father acting out on him and this father is very crazy, erratic, volatile, explosive. I’m very worried the authorities won’t find the boy until it is too late. I really hope I’m wrong. One thing I do see, if anyone can use this information is a motel with red doors. They are currently in this motel. I believe the motel is south east of where the child was taken from. Perhaps in Indiana or on the boarder of Indiana and Illinois.

If I were to have a more direct connection, knew the boys birthdate time, place and had an article of his clothing I would feel much more confident about finding this boy. Right now there is so much worry and negative energy clouding the pathway to the boy’s trail. I can’t be sure my reading is totally clear. I wish this family well. 

What a horrible and tragic situation. If the family wants my help I would be glad to do so anonymously and for free. 

The second question comes from:


Dear Denise

The canadian dollar keeps going down. It seems there is no logical reason. When do you think it will stabilize and how much more will it go down. And also what kind of role can Canada play in a utopic world. Will it be a communicator for peace. I feel at least in Quebec that there is good seeds for a spiritual world in the future. How do you foresee the role of Canada as your closest neighbour.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Hi Benoit,

I’m not sure the world will ever be utopic, but it will evolve if we let it. As global warming puts the squeeze on the world, I feel the Pacific Northwest, and most of Canada will be among the most inhabitable places on earth. 

Now about the Canadian dollar. It does defy logic that your money has gone down. So I’ll ask the tarot if the Canadian dollar will continue to loose value compared to the US dollar:

The cards say: No

It looks like there will be an economic depression both in the US and in Canada.

I asked the tarot if the Canadian dollar would go up in value over the next 3 months compared to the US dollar and it said:


It seems that both countries are going to be in serious financial trouble and both economies are going to be hit hard. I believe we will see this all over the world. Oddly, no country’s money will be worth much for awhile as the public trust will have been ruined and widespread corruption, and truly terrible things about corporations, financial institutions, brokerage firms, etc. will come out over the next few months. It’s going to feel like we’ve been attacked. As if the business world has betrayed the people of the world. As if they have abused the everyday consumer/person.

It looks like there has been so much blatant abuse of power, stealing and corruption that will come out, at first, it will be devastating. Kind of like when you find out your lover has had an affair on you. It will be very painful and a lot of people will be wary of investing in anything. People will stop spending money and start really changing their habits partially out of need because of major job losses, but also out of a feeling of abandonment.

It will feel as though the government, and the institutions we trusted, knocked us out, and then while we were unconscious kicked our teeth in on top of it. It’s going to make a lot of people upset, but it will ultimately be a catalyst for major reform in how we as a world, do business.

The last question comes from Marlene:


Will anymore Palin scandals or skeletons be revealed before the election?

I asked your question to the tarot:

The answer: No.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any. They’ll come out later.

One of them is about an affair. There was a rumor about her having an affair with Todd’s business partner and the cards indicate that this is true. It will leak out later.

And there will be others. Enough to ruin her future career in politics.

Best wishes to all and blessings.

Answering Readers’ Questions…

5 thoughts on “Answering Readers’ Questions…

  1. ylem says:

    Well now we know that Julian King, Jennifer Hudson’s nephew, was found dead in his murdered uncle’s stolen vehicle Monday morning. His father is definitely not the killer, as he was with Julian’s mother, and is recorded pleading on the news for his son’s return. Could the ‘father’ figure you saw represent someone else?

  2. zoma777 says:

    I haven’t followed the case. We haven’t had a lot of it on the news here. All I know is I saw him with a father type (either step father or someone else who stood in as a father) and that the emotions playing out were complex as this man loved the boy but because of the boy having been so traumatized by the events, the man’s erratic behavior escalated to the point that he was going to see the boy as a reminder of the horrible things he had done and kill the boy. Reading criminal cases are difficult without being directly involved because there is so much energy, fear, panic and negative emotions around the case without there being a direct link, which is why psychics usually use a piece of clothing to navigate through that and have all the birth information. It’s like a web of energy, every once in a while as a psychic you may get a random hit from a case on TV but its rare. One really needs to be directly involved in that situation. I was worried that the boy was already passed over but didn’t want to post that for obvious reasons. I wish they would have found the boy sooner, I believe they would have found him alive. I didn’t get the feeling he was murdered at the house. This is so tragic. That poor boy looked so sweet. It is just horrible. I do believe that the father figure was not the natural father but the ex-who murdered the uncle and grandma. I think when you say Julian’s mother you mean his grandmother. I haven’t heard that Jennifer Hudson’s sister was one of the victims.

  3. ylem says:

    When I mentioned Julian’s mother, I meant that the father, Greg King, was present along with her at the press conference where they both asked for the return of their son. Just to clarify. Anyways, thank you for your reply, Denise. All of what you said makes a lot of sense.

  4. mmmr says:

    Did the Bush-Cheney campaign engage in electronic vote fraud in 2004 on Ohio to ensure that George W. Bush would be president for another four years?

  5. zoma777 says:

    Hi Ylem,
    I really wasn’t sure I should even post about the boy because it is and was such a delicate situation. I decided to because after looking at a picture of the boy I had a clear sense that he was going to pass over if not found. I don’t trust everything I get on criminal cases unless I have direct involvement because there is so much energy around the situation obscuring the facts.

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