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I want to start with this new post because it is very profound, despite the spelling mistakes.


I found this …. someone had a dream read it.
I have never posted any of my dreams before but this one I felt I had to shair I hope you will forgive my spelling
2 nights ago I dreamed I was hunting in a forrested aria when I saw an elder standing just inside the wood line of a clearing as I approached him and ask if he needed assistance. Because it is rair to se someone so old in the woods he looked to be in his 90-early hundreds.Wearing clean white buck skins with a bandana with 2 feathers in it out to the side to shade his eyes from the sun he had a bow and a knife but no gun. he said no he was waiting for me that there are things I must see. I said lead on atet mosunni or Grand father he said just watch it is not for you to interfear. Wached an eagle land in the clearing he was a beautiful bird with wite tailfeathers and a snow white head.but his feet where dirty and I thought this was odd for some reason as I wached I saw a brown snake slithering through the grass. I remember thinking that it was too cold for snakes but as I wached the eagle it saw the snake but refused to leave or do any thing about it. the snake struck a wound to the right wing of the eagal who was facing north it was a deep wound but not debilitating one well the eagal fought off the snake and sent it away . soon I saw a red brown and pailblue snake comming through the grass I thought the eagle would fly away ,but it did notit treated the snake as a friend and went to shelter it with his wing and the snake bit the left wing causing a wound so terrable that the eagal could no longer fly the eagal fought this snake off also then I saw a larger snake comming through the grass it was huge multicolored with black red white brown and green comming tward the eagle . who just stood there untill it was too late iw waited to attack till its head was already in the mouth of the other snake but by then its head was gone. I wached the snake crawl away and the old one said to me the first blow has already been struck the last 2 will happen after the dark chief is put in to power
remember before the dark one leaves his office the second blow will fall and the final blow will fall in the time of 2 chiefs
I know what some of what I was shown and creator I hope I am wrong .

Hi Lala: I need to know a couple of things because this dream is very clear, but it depends on when the dream came. Was this your dream? Or did you find it posted somewhere and transcribe it? Either way the time the dream came to the person is pertinent because one could interpret the first snake attack to the right wing as the first George Bush administration which was short lived, the dark chief as Clinton as he was referred to as “the first black president,” even though that seems ridiculous now, but anyway, and the last in the time of the two chiefs as George W, and Dick Cheney, as Cheney has clearly been a shadow president.

Now the first attack could have been the first gulf war and the drop in the economy of the 90s. The second attack the 2000 election debacle when Clinton was president and the last in the time of the two chiefs, 9/11 and the subsequent wars. All would fit this prophecy. This is the thing about dreams they are often out of sync with time. Let me know. If it was back during the first Bush administration when the person had this dream it would be very clearly prophetic of what we all of just gone through. Obviously, the elder in white was the person’s spirit guide. And forests often represent introspection and spirituality. The eagle clearly the US. The snakes problems. Interesting that the eagle saw the snake as a friend as this would fit with the interpretation. We have done a lot of business with the Saudis and it was mostly Saudi nationals who attacked us on 9/11. And it is well documented that the Bush family has a long standing friendship with the Bin Laden family. Perhaps, this is why he has never been found and all his family was flown out of our country on 9/11.



Your tower card is scary. This is completely off topic but is there any hope that Rush Limbaugh will fall from his powerful perch. He is as antagonizing, misleading, as outrageous as Palin in his claims and just as popular. Turned in two votes yesterday!! Thanks for helping us all keep the faith…

Rush Limbaugh!!! He is so awful. It’s so wrong that he has a platform of any kind other than one to jump off of, like into a swimming pool — that I would not begrudge him because he looks like he could use the exercise.

So I asked the tarot: Will Rush Limbaugh fall from power in the next few years.

The answer: Yes.

People will walk away from him, lose faith and interest. And generally feel like he’s just regurgitating the same stuff over and over. 

He may find his way again in hate radio again at some even more distant point, but it will be a much smaller demo.


Hello Denise,
I’m becoming more anxious and more nervous each day for Obama. I can’t wait till this is all over. I truly hope he is elected and the majority of Americans see through this mess that McCain/Palin has spun! It’s truly getting uglier and uglier with the McCain camp. I just can’t believe that Obama might or will lose PA. Please, please revisit this closer to the election and hopefully the outcome will change. I truly believe that he is for the people and we need a Barack Obama Presidency. Please tell me that karma will hit McCain/Palin upside the head real hard!!!

1. What do you see happening to McCain’s psyche after this election?

2. What about the Republican Party?

He has sold his soul to the devil…how unfortunate!!!
Vote!!!! Obama/Biden 08

Thanks so much

Hi Curious, 

Actually every time I do a reading regarding McCain the devil card does come up so you’re not really wrong in a sense. He has betrayed his own ethics in a crazy desire for power over others. He’s lost his mind really. “My fellow prisoners,” tells you a lot about what’s going on in his head. 

I feel the Republican party is in turmoil. It has been attracting and playing to the shadow side for the past 30 years, since Nixon. During the 80s Reagan put a happy grandpa face on it, but its agenda and many of those attracted to the party are motivated by greed, power over others, money, selfishness and they are hypocritical. Not all Republicans. But it has become a magnet for that sort of energy.

The fracturing we are seeing in the party between the religious right who basically want to make our country a theocracy and the wall street right who want to turn us into a plutocracy, are finding that those two ideologies don’t really play that well together. Not because a theocratic plutocracy, in and of itself, is an impossible idea (just look at the papacy during the middle ages) but because these particular brand of religious ideologues are (in general) not very knowledgeable about their world or their own belief system and attract ignorance.

It takes smarts to create and steal wealth and, need I say more?

I have a feeling we will see more people calling for a third party from the right in the coming years, more jumping ship to libertarianism or some other form of plutocracy masquerading as capitalism, (lets make the rich, richer) in a possible new party.

However, I don’t see the Republican party being in power for a very long time. They’ve done enough damage.

Now its time for some healing.


Hi Denise (waving),
Thank you so much for answering my question.
I wanted to run this by you on the Tower (reversed) card. I have always interpreted the Tower card as two figures falling out of the tower on their head so if reversed it means they have landed on their feet. So, you can take the upright Tower to mean a chaotic situation that leaves you feeling out of control, reversed to mean that it’s chaotic but you land on your feet. So the Tower reverses essentially means coming out on top of a chaotic situation. Of course, I am assuming that is the only card that you pulled from the deck. 
DAnd, interesting that you had a dream of a tornado. A tornado can be symbolic of a lot of things. The skies in dreams generally link to the future with the possibility of change. So if they are disturbed then it could mean there is no clear outlook for how things will be. Uncertainty, Unforeseen, changes are possibilities with tornado meanings in dreams. I keep feeling that we are in the ‘calm before the storm’. Anyway, thank you for reading and listening to my rambling. ) Many blessings to you! Hugs, Wyntyr

Hi Wyntyr:

I wanted to share part of a dream I had last night. It was very lucid and when this happens I know it is a premonition of some sort. I was in Alaska on a ship there were all these bridges, some going to Russia. There was a very creepy, eerie feeling that something was very wrong up there. The local people knew about it, and were following the story, but we in the lower 48 were not aware. It had something to do with a bridge to Russia as well.

I don’t know exactly what it means yet, but I wonder if Sarah Palin and her husband don’t have treasonous ambitions. Perhaps making a deal with another country like Russia to succeed. Or the Russian bridge may be a metaphor for making a bridge to someone we have traditionally seen as our enemy. Perhaps the group they are involved with is actively seeking military support in secret? I’m sure if there is anything to this I will get more clarification.

The other possibility is that Palin is bad news and more negative stuff will come out about her. Scary stuff that if we knew it, would make us feel, as a country, we would have been put in jeopardy militarily by her coming into power.

There is something very bad going on up there. I know that for sure from the dream.

Tjuania in Desoto, Texas

I am totally shocked about PA coming up in the cards as a win for McCain, and shocked about the win for Obama in Arizona…..Could you check Texas?????

The reason I am asking I am checking the polls everyday and there is a large turnout, expecially African -American and young people…..We have a senate race in Texas and alot of people are pulling for Noriega over John Coreign…Do you see Noriega closing the deal in Texas?

 I asked the cards if Obama/Biden would win Texas and oddly here is the answer:


It looks like they have some strong support but there are so many crazy lies and misinformation about Obama down there, it’s hard to erase all of it. Even though it looks like the Obama supporters have been working tirelessly to do so. It will be a lot closer than anyone things. And surprisingly it shows up as a maybe. So we’ll have to wait and see.

OK, since I did not ask last time if Obama would win PA but rather if McCain would lose PA. I asked it again of the cards.

Will Obama win PA on 11/4/08?

The answer:

Again a maybe with the tower reversed in the center. The moon card, stuff going on behind the scenes. I take this to be that there is some serious maleficence going on in PA. Voter fraud? Or perhaps voters being scared by McCain’s recent trip there into changing their minds. But Obama has great support. And since McCain had a definite no.

I’m going to say PA will have some weird stuff happen. It is not going to be clear cut, and a winner may not be called right away. I think we will see shades of 2000 here. It may require a recount, and then Obama will be the winner even though by that point people will feel his win was shaky, which is why it always comes up as a maybe.

I will answer more posts tomorrow. So look for yours. Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Don’t forget to move your clocks back an hour!

Best wishes to all and many blessings.

Answering Readers’ Questions…