Congratulations to President Barack Obama!!!

Hey everyone, this has been a very emotional day for everyone around the world. We’ve seen the promise of the 60s civil rights movement come full circle and the promise of the American Dream restored! This also bodes well for our economy. John McCain’s chart interacted very badly with the Dow Jones, and as we saw him ahead in the polls by 12 points, the Dow plummeted. This may seem coincidental, but it is actually karmic. 

I just want to let you all know that while we are in for some strange economic times ahead, the karma of the Dow, in this current time stream, with Obama as president will be lessoned greatly. I’m going to look at his chart and compare it to the Dow Jones and NASDAQ and do an update about how this new energy will change the economic future of the world. And trust me it will.

This brings me to a point I really feel needs to be made. Some of you have mentioned other psychics, with predictions that stretch 30 or more years into the future — some have asked me to tell me your future. I want to explain something that often is confusing. It is why no psychic can ever be 100% accurate and why if you see a scary prophecy, take it as a warning rather than as an absolute. You have the power to change your life and we, collectively, have the power to change the future. 

Time and fate are not fixed. We have free will and our actions, decisions and lessons change the flow of time. There are multiple futures, Einstein talked about this. And it’s true. We have the power to change our lives and the world, but it requires effort. The reason precognitive people can see the future at all, is because most of us are lazy, and once walking down a path are very likely to continue on it. This is a readable time stream. But there is always the opportunity for growth and leaps. We are here to learn.

It is my belief (based on what the spirit world has shown me) that we come back, many times. Our body is temporary, but our soul is immortal. This is how our universe works, we are a microcosm of it. Our universe is binary, divided in halves, chaos and order, light and dark, forward and backward, good and evil, greed and sacrifice, male and female, mortal and immortal. We are all things. We embody all possiblities. We are both good and evil, male and female, greedy and self-sacrificing. Every day we make choices about the path we want to walk. Will it be toward the Oneness of Creation? Or toward the Darkness of Selfishness? Oneness comes through the bright side of ourselves and evolves us — the other path devolves us. We always have that choice, this is what free will is all about.

You will notice that the further into the future a psychic predicts, the more metaphor and nebulous wording they will use. This is because there are too many decisions yet to be made to truly predict with certainty what will take place 30 or a 100 years ahead. They maybe able to see that if the Collective Unconscious stays on the path it is on, 30 years in the future so and so event is likely to occur, but a lot happens in 30 years. A lot of new energy in the form of new people incarnating and the chances of the Collective Unconscious staying the same is very remote; which is why most far future predictions are not usually accurate. Not to say that the person who makes them isn’t extremely gifted and perhaps amazingly accurate in general about the immediate future, just the far future is not really a readable time stream. There are too many variables. 

Now you’re saying, but Denise, what about Nostradamus? He was accurate far into the future.

Well, he actually wasn’t reading that far into the future (according to him, his readings were mostly about his time period) and he put his prophecy into quatrains so they have to be interpreted. Now if you take any prophecy written in verse that can be molded to fit any situation and then have an endless amount of time for it to come true… need I say more? It’s like that old thought experiment the “infinite monkey theorem”
Psychics and prophecy can be fun and entertaining, even enlightening, but we all have to take it with a grain of salt. No psychic is omniscient. And a lot of psychics prophecy scary things to get attention, to get noticed. Of course there are scary things in this world, but unless a psychic shows a proven record of being accurate, one should be skeptical. Even if a psychic does show a record of being accurate, skepticisim is required. Because no psychic is ever right 100% of the time! Basically, don’t substitute a psychic premonition or prediction for your own judgment.

I went through my list of predictions about the election and I was mostly right, but I got Arizona and Colorado wrong. Colorado went blue and Arizona red which makes more sense. Also I’m not sure if Prop 8 will pass or not, it looks like it might. And the cards said it would be defeated. So, there you go. If I were to grade my predictions so far on the blog, I’d say B+ or A- but it’s not perfect. And that’s the way it is with psychics.

We have our own logic to contend with (which distorts psychic information) our own bias, and desire, and it gets in the way of reading sometimes. For example I am very pro marriage for everyone. I have personally performed marriages for many gay and straight couples (I’m a licensed minister) and believe all people should have the right to have a family, a partner and love whomever they love. I believe people come in all varieties for a reason, and its not our place to judge or decide who has rights and who doesn’t. We all should have the same rights, be equal under the law, as we are equal in the eyes of the Creator. So that could be why I got the prediction about prop 8 wrong (as I’m writing this it’s still to close to call, but is leaning toward overturning gay marriage here in CA). This is because I’m human. And my feeling is passionate about this issue and potentially got in the way of my ability to be read the issue properly.

I was so proud of CA when we passed the law allowing gay people the right to vote, and so hopeful that I guess I didn’t want to feel the disgusting back lash of judgmental busy bodies who scared voters into repealing the law. Now hopefully this won’t happen. The cards said it would be narrowly defeated, and this is still possible. I’m crossing my fingers. But also the vote Yes on 8 people assaulted the air waves the last couple of days and confused people. I have a gay friend who told me to vote Yes on 8 because he was so confused because the amendment is a double negative sort of thing. Anyway, enough about that.

I just want to thank all of you for participating in this historic day and for doing your part in making the world a better place. For changing the time stream from an oncoming Depression and WWIII to a period of struggle that could ultimately unite humanity and heal our world.

I am proud of America today. We rose to our greater good. We stepped out of the shadow self of greed and chose to see beyond color to the goodness, inspiration and hope Barack Obama engenders.

Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

Many blessing to all of you.

(I will answer readers questions again tomorrow. Sorry, it’s been a long emotional day. So if you have posted a question check the blog tomorrow for an answer.)

Congratulations to President Barack Obama!!!

16 thoughts on “Congratulations to President Barack Obama!!!

  1. sunbeyond says:

    I have a couple of questions:
    Did the stock market bottom out for the year of 2008 on oct 10th or will it find new lows as mentioned in the tsunami coming in December?
    Also since this would be the worst recession in 100 years What year will the stock market bottom out at and what number should i be looking at on the DOW before all the damage is done?

  2. Grace says:

    You are so right. I am somewhat psychic myself and I can never predict anything that affects me. I have talked with others who have the same problem. But I can sometimes see things coming down the pike for others.

    For example, I get a very strong feeling, my senator, Robert C. Byrd (North Wilkesboro, Wilkes County, N.C., November 20, 1917) is going to die very soon. I think he was just holding on to see a Democrat elected President. He is so frail, but he is a tough old Byrd. When he dies, it will be a very sad day for me because he has been so kind to me personally and helped me in so many ways.

    My premonition is that he will die very soon. His protege and senior aide, Anne Barth (August 17, 1957/Bluefield, WV), lost her election bid for Congress yesterday (much to my disappointment). However, during the day, my psychic hearing said, although, she would loose in a close race (which she did), she would win something bigger. IE Senator Byrd’s seat when he passes on.

    The incumbant, Shelly Moore Capito (Nov 26, 1953/Glen Dale, WV), had high hopes of being our next Senator, which personally I dreaded as we don’t see eye to eye on any issue. I thought her getting Byrd’s seat was a shoo in, but something changed yesterday and now I think she is really at the peak of her career. This is it for her. Now, I think that seat is Anne Barth’s for the duration.

    Can anyone confirm this for me? I don’t have birth times for any of these people. Thanks in advance.

  3. Sinead says:

    Thank you ALL for keeping me sane. I love this site.

    I have an idea? Lets continue to send positive energy and PRAYER to Obama Administration for them to guide our country to the very best future… PEACE, FULFILLMENT, PROSPERITY and EQUALITY and much much more..

    YES WE CAN….

    Keep thinking positive, because thought become things….

  4. Renee in Georgia says:

    I have so enjoyed this site and it has kept me sane for the past few weeks….and I mean it has really helped me. I have been emotional all night and day because #1 I am an African American woman #2 the way I see the America and the world is finally being played out……If we all look past color we would see the bigger picture……Thanks Denise for making this blog! You are the best and alot like me very sensitive the the world and peoples needs! Bless You

  5. Tjuania in Desoto, Texas says:

    I went to a watch party at church in Dallas, Texas. I was brought to tears there were over 50,000 people in church and celebrating looking at the results. Thanks Denise, I sat there calm with tears coming down my face, knowing that I can tell my children and believe it this time that they can fulfill any of their dreams.

    God bless you and God bless AMERICA!!!!

  6. Sinead says:

    Hi Denise:

    Can you see if Al Gore & Howard Dean would have a role with his administration too? Environment and 50 state strategy?

    I am proud to be an American…

    Thanks again,

  7. Elly says:

    I heard a talk host on radio show i think he’s a republican calling Obama antichrist because the 3 lottery numbers came up 666 on election day in Chicago.

  8. Sinead says:

    Denise have you ever heard of this psychic below. She seems so mean. Do you think she is a fraud? What is your feeling on this.

    Hey guys,

    I am really upset. During the pre-election festivities I found this psychic online and even though I know she is wrong and her postings seem racist I continue to look at her site. Here is her “predictions” Every time I go on, I try to leave a comment but the site never lets me. I think she only likes the unintelligent to write her.
    See this link and my letter to her personal email acct:


    I find your predictions really insulting. Every single person on this site is plain old racist and unintelligent. If you were a TRUE psychic or spiritual being you would see the potential Obama has to be one of the best presidents in our life time. I think it is obvious what your political agenda is and it is called HATE.


  9. zoma777 says:

    Hi Sinead,
    I read the woman’s blog. And has she never heard of a scholarship? I went to Cal-Arts on one. It’s not that uncommon. I think you are right to assume this woman has issues. And I somehow don’t believe that she predicted the stuff she claims. She feels icky.

  10. zoma777 says:

    Hi Elly,
    That’s just insane! I’d love to go into the history of religion and why this is nuts, but I’m going to spare everyone. People said Reagan was the anti-christ because each of his three names, Ronald Wilson Reagan, had six letters each. He had his problems, but he wasn’t the anti-christ either.

  11. Dee says:

    Hey Guys,

    Re: The Election (Yes, old news, but new web site for me!)
    A big hearty thanks from those of us in Australia who are so impressed that you were all brave enough to rise up and say “we want CHANGE in our lives”, thereby giving the rest of the world hope as well as your own country. Rock on Barack, and rock on to the citizens who voted you in. Good job!!
    P.S. Monsanto is considered the antichrist here amongst organic growers. Check out the links between them, Gates, and associated others involved in the ‘seed bank’ in Spitzpbergen Norway. They have baaaad things a planned.

  12. Marianne says:

    Just found this site looking for others born like me.
    Obama is evil. pure evil. The blacks of America are conned into thinking he is black, not so!
    Obama wants the blacks so angry at whites that street fights break out and he can call out the National Guard. Obama wants to be a Dick-tater and bring down America for the Arabs and money/power for himself and arab friends. Did you get the signal and codes from Michelle’s black widow dress. What a C word. It will be a woman who kills Obama and she won’t have a thing on. Just her powers. There are others behind her. Can you see Obama’s auras? So Obama can have a thousand guards around him but when the time comes he will die. I keep seeing Michelle knicking Obama for his white women and men. Their marriage is rocky.
    Michelle is a lot of power behing Obama.
    Think what you want but don’t be fooled. Family and friends keep asking me what is happening and I only say he is making a fool of himself and trying to show he is fooling people, bowing before the old king who was surprised. Touching the Queen of England. Making comments on things he has no idea on.

    Arab will try to invade America when we go to civil war, and Obama will try to turn America’s back on Isreal but solders will rebel.
    It took a woman like Stanley to bring this about.

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