Answering Readers’ Questions… (And Alaska!)

OK, I had a bunch of bad, creepy dreams about Alaska. I posted what I thought they meant. I’m not saying it wasn’t one manifestation of those creepy dreams, but it looks like something very fishy did indeed go on up there! It’s just coming out now. I’ll be curious to see how this situation unravels.


Hi Denise: Many Republicans want Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012. I think you had mentioned that she will be impeached. When will this happen and will the republicans change their minds afterwards? Thanks

Hi Tckal,

We are just starting to see the skeletons shake loose from her closet. In the post where I mentioned there being a very good chance she might be impeached as governor, I also talked about how there was a mess of ugly stuff being hidden about Palin. 

I asked the tarot if she would be impeached:

It says: Maybe. 

She has a lot of enemies as I said in that prior post, and at the center of all this is gossip. The impeachment energy could be her ousting from the political arena once she’s served her term as governor never to be seen or heard from again. There is a lot of dirt on this woman. It isn’t over yet! The cards basically say, she may manage to keep her job as governor, but it won’t matter because her political career will be ruined by the end of her term.

Also in that previous posting I remember she has some bad aspects to her 7th house, the house of open enemies and the public. I said she had a bunch of enemies, people who would try to destroy her. It looks like this might end up coming from the McCain camp! They’re calling her a Diva, a hillbilly and saying she didn’t know Africa is a continent. That is pretty nasty stuff.


I have a couple of questions:
Did the stock market bottom out for the year of 2008 on oct 10th or will it find new lows as mentioned in the tsunami coming in December?
Also since this would be the worst recession in 100 years What year will the stock market bottom out at and what number should i be looking at on the DOW before all the damage is done?

Hi Sunbeyond:

No, the bottom hasn’t come yet. The aspect goes exact at the end of December and into January 21/22 of 2009, until about the time when Obama is inaugurated. Then the horrible aspect receeds, giving the market a bit of a break. But it will come and go over the next year. I will remind everyone when the next exact aspect is about to happen so those who want to get out can do so before there’s another major drop. Here are the dates for future reference: The aspect goes exact again on 6/21/09 or 6/22/09 until 8/5/09 or 8/6/09, then comes back again 10/18/09 or 10/19/09 until 11/24/09 or 11/25/09. After that we will go through some smaller crisis, but be out of the major storm. 

In essence what I’m saying is the market is going to be crazy volatile and require major restructuring for the next year. Obama’s chart does soften these aspects so believe it or not (and you won’t because its going to be bad) it would have been a million times worse with McCain’s chart interacting with the Dow. Obama will lesson the effect of this crazy market. Not that he can pull butterflies out of the air and walk on water, just that he will be able to get it under control, and steer it toward the restructuring side of these aspects rather than the death side of these aspects. 

Hope that helps.

Keep sending me questions. I am also going to start looking into foreign affairs so if anyone has a question in regards to that please post it!

Best wishes and blessings to all of you!

Answering Readers’ Questions… (And Alaska!)

14 thoughts on “Answering Readers’ Questions… (And Alaska!)

  1. northernlights2008 says:

    I think you’re right about Alaska. How else can the polls be off by as much as 20 points? Can you give some specifics about what might be “fishy.” You mentioned the Aleutian Chain in an earlier post and I know that the Ds down there about fell out of their chairs when the results came in. I’ve enjoyed reading your site; it has given me great comfort. Thanks

  2. javahaaa says:

    Back to money and such, could you run charts on Oil and Gold futures?

    here are two ways to follow oil; they should have similar results :
    NYMEX Crude Oil Futures started trading on 3/30/1983 on the New York Mercantile Exchange (also began on Chicago Board of Trade that day, but it no longer trades there), at either 9AM or 1030AM – prob 1030am. NYMEX symbol CL (not to be confused with the stock CL, trading on NYSE [ny stock exchange])

    USO, United States Oil Fund, an exchange-traded fund, started trading 4/10/2006, NYSE, 930 AM

    Similar two ways for gold, and they should look the same, too:
    Commodities Exchange, Inc. (COMEX) Gold futures began trading at 1201AM on 12/31/1974, New York; COMEX and NYMEX merged in 1994 and the NYMEX symbol is GC

    GLD, Spdr Gold Trust, an exchange-traded fund, began trading 11/18/2004 on the NYSE, 930AM.

    I don’t know if this affects the chart, but any of these would have been “born” – created – before those dates, but the only thing that’s easily available is the day they began trading publicly.

  3. javahaaa says:

    Really enjoy your commentary, Denise! Do you see any recovery in the Dow or Nasdaq between now and when the tsunami begins late December? How much? Could you also run a chart for the S&P 500?

  4. A says:


    Some random questions:

    1) What do you think about Laura Bush?

    2) Bush, Cheney, Karl Rove and many GOP’ers are praising Obama. Do you think this is genuine or they are just playing along?

    3) Will India play a role in the Obama administration, especially with regards to Pakistan?


  5. Joe the Plumber says:

    Amazing how every single one of your predictions seems to favor Obama and oppose the Republicans. You are a fraud calling yourself a psychic. A true psychic would never let their own political opinions influence the readings.

    You are the next Miss Cleo in the making and you should quit using this as a means to promote your personal hatred for the other side. I do believe in psychics but you my dear are not one of them.

    My mother knows psychics 1000 times better than you are.

    Obama is the 3rd Antichrist in case you have not heard and you are not telling people about this real possibility. This tells me you know nothing about what a real psychic does. McCain should have won and not Obama the fraud, phony and charlatan who is going to start the New World Order and help bring about the End Times.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. Sinead says:

    Joe the plumber:

    If you want a so called psychic that is a republican you can try googling Elizabeth Joyce, she will fit your needs just fine.


  7. hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise,
    Hope you are well. I just wanted to say that despite how ugly things may get I am profoundly hopeful. I cant tell you the despair I would be feeling if McCain had won.
    I do have one question and it is about the Taliban trying to create a full civil war in Pakistan. Pakistan has nukes and both India and the US as well as the whole world would freak out. I know you are looking at foreign policy and I think this is very dangerous. Its very complicated because the Pakistani intelligence agency kept the Taliban alive because they didnt trust that Afganistan wouldnt be overrun by India. Now, the Talibanis are turning on the Pakistanis. I think someone else asked about India… Not a real question, sorry. Do you have any feelings on this… Thanks for your great insight, as always.

  8. zoma777 says:

    Don’t they do those 3 number draws like every 5 minutes? That’s what they do here in CA. And I’ve seen 666 come up here more than once. When you only have 3 numbers and an endless amount time, it’s going to happen. That being said, in numerology the number 6 actually stands for home and family and is considered a very harmonious number, 3 is considered to be travel and performance orientated. If you take all three numbers together 6 x 3 = 18, that number is a 9, which represents humanitarian urges and universal harmony. So if it is a sign its not a bad one in my view.

  9. hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise!

    I have two questions.

    How will the supposedly new incarnation of the Buddha, a teen who spent a year meditating in the jungle, impact Asia? I’m guessing Buddha has good timing…

    Also, is the market going to fall below 5000 in December?

    Thanks for everything. You are really a joy to read and know!

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