Answering A Reader’s Question… (About Lisa Williams)

I’m going to go back to some earlier questions, but felt I had to answer this one in particular because I got a call from my mother telling me there was going to be an earthquake tomorrow. I asked her what the source of her info was and she said she’d heard it from a friend. Anyway, I thought it was odd timing to get a call from her and then get this post. It turns out tomorrow there is an earthquake preparedness day going on and this is probably what my mother had heard about.


Hi Denise,

I look forward to reading your blog every day!

I also frequent Lisa William’s blog, and she posted the following about a week ago:

“I have been feeling that there is also going to be a natural disaster on the West Coast of the US for a while. When the earthquake came recently I knew it wasn’t what I had been feeling. What ever is going to come is going to be a huge change of energy. It’s shaking things up. ”

“I wish I could tell you more, but I feel it’s not far away (time frame) and it’s going to shake up the west coast a little. I am not sure what the mileage distance is, but what I do know is that it’s going to effect everyone on an emotional level. I can see the ocean moving and an earthquake or an eruption. all I keep being told is that there is an early warning system. As I was talking about this with friends last night over dinner, I was discussing slate like plates that were coming together and rubbing. Kev who is the Discovery channel Genius, told me it was tectonic plates that cause an earthquake. ”

“I am not sure it’s an earthquake and as I sit here in the stillness of the house, I sense that it’s similar but not the same. I feel the West coast is unsteady. I feel it’s unhappy and I feel there needs to be a shift. It’s as though with the new changes that are happening in society there also has to be some changes physically, and its about energy being shaken up. ”

Can you give any insight into this prediction? Lisa Williams is very talented in my opinion and I don’t take her words with a grain of salt. I’d like to know what you think or if you could ask the cards.


Hi Ryan,

I agree Lisa Williams is very talented and genuinely psychic. She’s a medium though and specializes in talking to people who have crossed over. It’s weird, but psychics do seem to have specialties, kind of like athletes, some can run very fast, others can jump or swim, etc. I’ve had friends who were amazingly clairvoyant (meaning they could be dead on about everything going on in someone’s present life) but didn’t have a talent for reading the future. I’m not saying she’s wrong, but if she does turn out to be inaccurate that in no way means she isn’t an amazingly gifted medium. It could be she has been picking up on the social turmoil regarding Prop 8, and also the terrible wild fires that broke out tonight in the Santa Barbara. It’s very possible that these fires will get much worse because of the Santa Ana winds. So she could very well have been feeling that. I had a premonition about a terrible fire this summer, but didn’t know when or where it would be, only saw fire on the hills and the wing of a red owl.

I read Lisa Williams whole post, and it seemed she was reticent about posting it.

I was in Bali about 3 months before the Tsunami and major earthquake. Both my husband and I felt the energy of a big quake coming, and were very on edge because of it. I didn’t have a blog then to warn anyone — I should have! I did visualize white light around that part of the world obsessively while we were there. But, sadly, I wasn’t surprised by what happened. I knew something terrible was going to occur in that region.

And actually before Katrina, I told my husband New Orleans was going to be buried under water, and never the same, perhaps go the way of Atlantis. He had wanted to move there. I said, big no! So we compromised and went to New Orleans about 4 months before Katrina hit, he used the excuse that we had to see it one last time before it went away. I agreed.

In the airport terminal while we were waiting to board, I saw a  stewardess with the head of a skull. It was out of the corner of my eye, and when I looked directly at her, in full daylight, it did not dissipate. I began to freak out, thinking maybe it was a sign the airplane was going to crash, but no one else in the terminal had this so I figured it was something about her, perhaps going on in her personal life.

While we were in New Orleans the first night, walking down Bourbon street, I saw again some people scattered throughout the crowd with skull heads, even when I looked directly at them. I felt the street filling with water, and got so afraid I demanded we go back to the hotel, and was afraid to leave for a couple of days until I was assured (psychically) that this was a future event, and not something about to happen while I was there.

Now the problem was I didn’t know how far in the future this event was going to happen. I felt it was very close, and it turned out to be about 4 months away. I also didn’t know what to do with this information or how to warn anyone of the impending disaster. I always hope when I get information like that, that I’m wrong.  

When we were there the photos I took were extremely bizarre, some of them were taken at a haunted house, but even those that weren’t had very odd things, light streaks and orbs, in them. I’ll look for them and post them in the future. I sent some to a ghost site, but I’m not sure they were ever posted. 

I had a similar freak out before the Northridge earthquake here. Unfortunately, for me it began about about 5 years before it happened! I had squirreled away enough food, water and sterno to feed my neighbors. And luckily bought earthquake insurance 6 weeks before the earthquake hit. I knew it was getting closer. 

I am not getting an immediate feeling there is going to be giant earthquake here in Southern California. I’ve gotten better at not stretching too far into the future with psychic knowings, they don’t do much good! It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Northern California so I can’t speak to the energy up there.

I’m sure there will be a giant earthquake here in California, but like I said I don’t feel it coming in the immediate future right now. If that changes I will post it. 

I do wonder if  Lisa Williams is picking up on some future event, which is very possible. When I first moved here, and started feeling the Northridge quake about 5 years beforehand, it felt very immediate. So it could be she’s picking up on something further down the road, maybe 5 or so years from now. I do have a feeling we’ll see another major quake around then, but not in the very immediate future.

Hope that helps some.

I’ll post more answers later.

Best wishes to all,


Answering A Reader’s Question… (About Lisa Williams)

Answering Readers’ Questions…

Hi everyone, more questions, more answers.

The first from Kathleen,


Would like to know future physic prediction of Obama and Pallen

These are pretty broad questions but I’ll do my best and I’m sure over the next few years their destiny and my predictions will become more intricate and precise as their paths evolve.

But here goes.


Sarah Palin isn’t going to go quietly into the night. She’s going to exploit her 15 minutes as much as possible, however, she has transiting Neptune hitting her natal Mars in the 7th house of open enemies, squaring her 12th house cusp starting in December of this year. Mars also rules her 9th house (the law) and 4th house (home). This aspect will bring someone to the forefront, someone who has a grudge against Palin, more unflattering information will come out about her, and it’s possible another investigation of her, and her family could be triggered.

Another aspect that does not bode well for her immediate future is Pluto inconjuncting her Venus (Venus rules her 10th house of career). This is a separating aspect and Pluto rules power, so one could interpret that as power being taken from her. It again seems to indicate family trouble. Her 5th house is involved indicated it could be separation from a child, so perhaps her daughter will decide to move out once she’s married (that’s the best possible interpretation). I’m not going to mention some of the darker things these aspects could mean because as much as I don’t like her politically, I don’t want wish any ill on her regarding her personal or family life. And I don’t want to put anything out there that could freak the family out in any way. If it does manifest in a potentially very negative way there isn’t anything that can be done, so it serves no purpose. This aspect is very active from late December into late January, then comes back late June until early August of 09, and hits again from mid-October until the end of November.

And later when Neptune conjuncts her Saturn starting around the 13 of March, 2009, her career will be put in serious jeopardy. This aspect could trigger a loss of her career (and job in her case as Saturn rules her 7th) also there could be repercussions or loss within her marriage or her father or father’s side of the family or a father figure/John McCain?. However, these aspects will be conjunctions and don’t make any other major aspects so its hard to say how strong this energy will be. And there is a good chance that the negative aspects of these aspects will be off set when Jupiter goes over her 7th house and over her stellium in Aquarius in mid-April. So whatever comes up may not stick.

I’m just going to skip ahead to what we all want to know. Does she have a shot at becoming president? So lets look at the transits happening in her chart during November 2012 and 2016. I’ll spare you the astrological details and just say that her chances in 2012 aren’t good, but she does have a pretty good shot at 2016. She’ll very likely rear her head in a major way at that time.

Obama’s chart:


Obama has some amazingly great aspects for 2012 and if he was in a contest with Palin would win hands down. Now if someone came along who had even better aspects for that time period, Obama might not win, but I would doubt it as Obama’s chart would be extremely hard to beat. So I can pretty confidently say that it looks like he will win again in 2012.



I have two questions regarding the role of the Christian Right.

Someone asked about Rush Limbaugh’s decline and you responded that his influence would wane. How about James Dobson of Focus on the Family? His influence and the influence of his organization has been tremendous in affecting evangelicals and the Christian Right. Jerry Falwell has passed from the scene. So has James Kennedy. Pat Robertson seems next. Ralph Reed seems to have been neutered. That only leaves Dobson (71) as one of the remaining big names and voices of the Moral Majority and the Christian Right.

Second, will the influence of the Christian Right diminish or surge for 2012? It seems that by pandering to this part of the GOP by adding Palin to the ticket, McCain alienated a sufficient number of moderates and independents who would have otherwise voted for him. Leaders of the GOP assessing the future of their party may decide to limit the role of the CR.


Hi Moonbaby,

I looked for a DOB on James Dobson, but couldn’t find anything. If you come up with one let me know and I’ll run a chart (even if its solar) and be able to read his future influence with greater detail. My intuition is that the Christian right (if they haven’t figured this out already) is beginning to realize they have been used by the Republican party. Oddly, the inclusion of Sarah Palin on the McCain ticket ought to make this clearer then ever for them. Republicans have no problem playing the family values angle, and “social conservatives,” (ie. how shall I put it nicely: uneducated, isolated rural white America) but God forbid they actually run the party! That was the message coming through loud and clear (between the lines of course) with Sarah Palin. The quote from a McCain aide, “Wasilla hillbillies raiding Neiman Marcus coast to coast,” is a perfect example of this double standard.

Bush appeared to be one of the religious right “social conservatives,” and although he was as dumb as bubble gum stuck to the bottom of a tennis shoe, he had a pedigree. He went to Ivy league schools, his dad was president, he grew up in the halls of power (albeit he was drunk and doing cocaine, but still.) He wasn’t a “hillbilly,” he just seemed like one. 

The splintering in the Republican party is only going to get worse in my opinion because there are two very different sets of Republicans who really share little in common. 1) The “social conservatives,” who want to deny civil rights to people based on their sexual orientation and control other people’s wombs and: 2) The very greedy and privileged, who really don’t care about “social conservative,” issues, they just care about not paying taxes and being crazy squirrels who bury so many nuts in their lawns they can’t even remember where they put them. These people look down on group #1. And group #2 is a very small group, so they desperately need group #1 to horns-waggle and manipulate. The sad thing here is I believe group #1 has naively gone along with their religious leaders, who are busy getting rich and trying to keep their wealth like group #2. 

My point here is, the vast majority of the Republican party, those who are “values voters,” can not be happy that there have been so many shenanigans within the Republican party over the past 8 years from corruption indictments to homosexual romps exposed. These are the people who were horrified Bill Clinton had an affair with a woman. Imagine how hard they took it when they found out Ted Stevens was doing blow with a male hooker and Senator foot tapper was caught in an airport bathroom trolling for gay sex. All this and they didn’t get to overturn Roe vs. Wade! Really, they didn’t even get close. President Bush (the supposed 2nd coming of Christ according to some churches before the 1st election — boy were they wrong!) abandoned them pretty early on, and followed his own interests those of group #2, the one he really belonged to.

I predict there will be a couple of opposite pulls going on in the Christian right. I feel there will be a strong, even more crazy, racist, sexist, nut jobby (not what Jesus would condone in any way) neo-nazi type of arch, and those who are more moderate, and more intelligent who will loose their faith, or move more toward the middle, or the left over the next few years. I feel there will be great polarization in this movement, and it will not really have the strong hold it has enjoyed, but will be more of a fringe group of kind of crazy people who will truly be anything, but Christian.

Tjuania in Desoto, Texas

Hi Denise,

What do the cards say about Bobby Jindal from Louisiana or Mitt Romney? I do think that Obama will win another 4 years and there will not be any mention about Sarah Palin. Also why did the McCain campaign have two separate campaigns going on? One for McCain and the other for Sarah Palin?????

Hi Tjuania,

I have to admit I knew nothing about Bobby Jindal until you asked the question about him. The little bit of research I did makes me wonder so many things about this man, did he convert to Christianity just to get into politics? Why would a person of East Indian descent become a Republican? Or be against abortion in the case of rape or incest? Or be against stem cell research? Especially when he considered going into medicine. 

Since I couldn’t find a time of birth here’s his solar chart:


Is it just me or is it chilly in here? No, it’s Bobby Jindal’s chart. Eeeck, he’s icy. Moon in Capricorn, Venus Saturn conjunct in Taurus in the 12th with a Sun and Mercury in Gemini! He may have a grand earth trine depending on the time of his birth, but its safe to say he is very ambitious, lacking in compassion, materialistic and opportunistic with Neptune conjunct Jupiter. He does have a loose grand air trine that makes him extremely intelligent, calculating, strategic and insufferably fixed in his ideas of the way he thinks things should be.

Honestly, his chart gives me the creeps. I hate to say that because I think it’s great that he managed to become governor of a southern state despite the racism he must have faced with both his parents being from India. And I must say I have a soft spot for Hinduism, but alas he’s not a Hindu, his parents are. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bobby, hadn’t been angling for a career in politics since grammar school. And it makes sense that he went for the Republican side as it fits his personality much better than what seems on the surface would seem a more natural fit, the Democrats. I have a feeling this guy isn’t going away and is likely to try a run for the highest office in the land as soon as it seems viable for him to do so. My gut says, he’s power hungry, snobby and arrogant. I’m sure he truly believes he’s better than everyone, and has the right to govern because of it.

OK, now Mitt Romney. I ran a solar chart on him, again no time of birth:


You ever get the feeling Mitt is hiding something? Well, that’s because he is, I knew he felt a bit slimy but he’s not as bad as he seems. He actually is pretty sensitive, but he is also extremely secretive. And it looks like he came from money through both his father and his mother’s sides. This is a man who hasn’t had a tremendous amount of struggle in his life, and this is most likely why he can’t really understand what it’s like to be a regular working person.

With so much water in his chart in weak placements it is why he changes his opinions with the wind. It looks like he is a pretty religious guy, and not a bad person if you got to know him, which very few people really do. But he’s very out of touch with ordinary people, and with America as a whole, and I doubt very much he could be much of a leader. His chart doesn’t show strong leadership skills. He’s too passive, and too secretive even though he has this tremendous desire for power that comes from his father. He just doesn’t have the character to live up to that desire. Looking at his chart I don’t see any real chance that he could ever become president.


What will happen to the auto industry Ford and crysler?

Hi Elly,

Here’s Ford’s chart, hint, it doesn’t look good for them right now:


By the end of this month Pluto will be conjuncting Ford’s natal Mars, this is not good for their investors, as Mars rules the 8th house of investments. If you own stock, I’d look for a good day to sell it before the 26th of November unless you want to keep it for a very long time. Once this aspect hits off and on over the next year, there will be major losses for investors. Then things will sort of stabilize for awhile, but really the worse is yet to come as Pluto will conjunct Ford’s Pluto in the 10th causing major changes in the way Ford works, and possible relocation of their company. That will come in about 2011 so we don’t have to get too exact right now with that aspect, but after that transiting Pluto (through the 5th house of speculation) will hit the company’s Sun in the 11th and I would say at that point either Ford will come up with some radical new technology, and save themselves, or go out of business. This will be in about 8 years from now.

However, some good news: there is a positive aspect helping the company as Pluto opposes its Mars, transiting Pluto will be making a trine to natal Uranus which is in the 6th and rules the 6th. I would think that this means there will be some sort of bail out for the company that will save jobs at least for the time being. But the stock will go down in value as a result of the opposition. It may have some better days ahead, but its going to go through some serious changes over the next 8 years. And there is a chance with so much Pluto action that the company could fail, and ultimately go out of business.So, its up to you to trust your intuition about this. My gut tells me its going to be all over the place for awhile and will eventually mutate into something else.

I have been feeling the auto industry’s demise since this summer but I’m not sure if I wrote a post exclusively about it although I meant to. I may have mentioned it in relationship to the financial crisis in another post. I meant to do a detailed analysis of this issue, but felt it might seem to obvious a prediction and also got side tracked by the election.

Hope this helps you some.

I will save the other car makers for tomorrow and the following questions! As well as new posts.

Best wishes and many blessings!



Nice site ) I concurr that a bad crash is yet to come on the markets. GM (general motors) is a likely cause for this fall. Do you also see GM been the cause or do you see them been bailed out? Also if i may ask Do you see a time frame for the inevitable war with Iran which also would cause a stockmarket crash and a likely rise dramatically in oil prices.

Thank you )


Hi Denise,
Thanks for this
blog. I really enjoy reading it everyday.
I am curious if you can
find out about the Acr of the Covenant. Is a religious conglomerate hiding it? I suspect it could be the Catholic or Protestant church? When and/or how will it be found? I am really curious as to what it reveal and how it will change our lives.
Thank You

Answering Readers’ Questions…