Answering Readers’ Questions…


First Renee:

Renee in Georgia

Well Mrs. Denise you have done it again…you stated that the racial aftermath of Obama being elected would have some nutcases coming out the woodworks with hate crimes starting to rise.

Will this type of behaivor evaporate or will it get worse?

Hi Renee,

I read the article you sent. Wow, it’s very sad. People seem to find a way to live up to our lowest expectations often more than they do the opposite way around. I’ve been feeling that this will get worse for a little while during Obama’s administration, not that there will be more racist idiots, just that those racist idiots will become more organized and dangerous.

On the other more positive side, I do feel some people who were perhaps not so vehemently racist will soften, and open up a bit as Obama will be an amazing president, and many people will truly admire him. So the vast majority will support Obama. I have a feeling the crazy racist faction has, and is pushing back (as you referred to an earlier post where I talked about that) but over time I see that group splintering into those who become more insane, and those who see their way out of it. Three steps forward, two steps back, that will be the way this goes down.

Next is Sally:


Dear Denise,

A question and a comment.

Question: I fear that Monsanto, the producers of genetically modified (GM) corn, soy beans and grain, could possibly bring about a famine–due to their not allowing for a variety of grains (by other companies) to be raised in the United States. In addition to disastrous impacts upon the environment, and GM product’s nutritional defects, our putting all of our eggs in one genetic basket (using only one variety of seeds) could bring disaster if that seed variety fails–like the potato famine. I can not find specific incorporation dates for this company. What do you see astrologically for this company?

Comment: I whole heartedly agree with your 11/13 statement with regard to the religious right. As is stated in this quote:

“The resurgence of fanatical religious fervour occurring in many lands cannot be regarded as more than a dying convulsion. The very nature of the violent and disruptive phenomena associated with it testifies to the spiritual bankruptcy it represents. Indeed, one of the strangest and saddest features of the current outbreak of religious fanaticism is the extent to which, in each case, it is undermining not only the spiritual values which are conducive to the unity of mankind but also those unique moral victories won by the particular religion it purports to serve.” The Promise of World Peace, 1985. Author: The Universal House of Justice of the Baha’i Faith,

Hi Sally,

I looked for data of when this company started, all I could find was when they began trading and I have a 2 charts for that, but they won’t really tell us much about the goings on of this company. It’s odd, this company seems very secretive. I’ll post the charts, but again they are related to the value of the stock, and not what the company is doing.

picture-5picture-42My intuition is that what happened to the stock market will happen to the agricultural business down the road. With a lack of diversity, and all eggs placed in one basket, the situation is ripe for major devastation of our food sources. This is scary. I will continue to try to find information about this company, and look into it some more. Please remind me in a few weeks if I haven’t posted anymore about it.

Tomorrow I will answer:


Wished I knew about your prediction back in September re the stock market big fall.

Love your insights here and check it daily for updates.

I appreciate if you could provide an insight as to whether I should hold or sell this AUSTRALIAN stock 


before the predicted Tsunami on 21/22 dec 2008


Gwen Merrick

Hi Denise,

I came across this site which got me thinking about the trend going on in these various cities (Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City) all of which are asking for handouts from the Federal government. Is it more widespread that the cities mentioned and is there a particular astrological aspect that runs through them all? Here’s the site:
Thanks again for you insight.



Hi Denise:
(1) The Gallop poll shows that Obama’s favorability rating is at 71%. Are the people who didn’t vote for him finally starting to see him as the right person for the job? This rating is very good for someone who hasn’t even taken office yet. Go Obama!
(2) Do you the know the timing of when Sarah Palin will have this civil case against her? She has been plastered all over the news lately. Everyone wants an interview with her to ask about her $150,000 + clothes (was this her doing?). She should really be ashamed of herself for saying those lies about Obama. She’s so quick to call people “jerks” and liars if they say anything negative about her…but when she does it, in her eyes it’s ok…like when she tried to incite hate and violence towards Obama. It’s just so upsetting to see these republicans being so hypocritical and mean. I don’t understand them at all.
(3) Speaking of hypocrisy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Sarah Palin’s twin sister), the woman who is so hated by many for her strong republican views, constantly butts heads with her co-hosts. I really don’t think her co-hosts enjoy working with her, eventhough they say they do and they all love each other. I feel they secretly hate her too and they just have to put up with her because this team brings high ratings. What do you think about this?
Thanks again for answering our questions. I really enjoy this site…I feel we have our own little community in here where we can come to share our views, seek spiritual guidance and feel hope! Thank you Denise!

Best wishes to all of you and many blessings,


Answering Readers’ Questions…

One thought on “Answering Readers’ Questions…

  1. Monsanto is a company I am very interested in as well, here is some additional info, hoipe it helps with chart drawing.

    Monsanto was founded in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1901, by John Francis Queeny, and On
    November 30, 1901, Monsanto Chemical
    Works was incorporated with $5,000.

    Some resources on the devestation of Monsanto(and clinton connctions)…

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