Discount Private Readings, What?

Hi everyone,

As a Yule tide offer on December 9,11,12,16,18 and 19 between Noon and 6PM PST I will cut rates for a 15 minute reading to $50, for half an hour $100, 45 minutes $150 and for an hour $200.

I want to give people on a budget a chance at a private reading with the New Year coming and so many changes heading our collective way. So e-mail me at soon to reserve a time in that period. For more information in general about private readings check the page entitled Private Reading (how to get one).

During this period I will book readings very tightly so if you realistically think you will want half an hour or more then book it in advance! Because chances are good I won’t be able to extend time with you. Under normal circumstances I’m very generous with my time (as those of you who have had readings with me know) and try to keep a wide window around readings, but I want to be able to give many people readings, so I won’t be able to do that during this window of time. If you do want to just book a 15 minute period then it will have to be a tarot reading and make sure to have questions prepared so you get what you want out of the experience.

(I’ll go old school and just clairvoyant it up. One of my first job’s as a psychic, I had to read very quickly under a lot of pressure — that’s a story in itself, I won’t bother to go into.)

Best wishes to all and many blessings…

Discount Private Readings, What?

2 thoughts on “Discount Private Readings, What?

  1. ylem says:

    just to add to my post: The fear of a bioterror attack is in some ways paralyzing, as it makes working towards anything feel pointless – what’s the use if our world will be in ruins in less than five years? Give us some hope, please!

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