Answering Readers…

Hey everyone,

I’m working on some more posts that clarify astrological points over the next few weeks, so hopefully this will help with my astro talk and also get some of you interested in further investigation of the art/science.

For now I’m answering some readers and the first is from Wei:

Hi Denise:
I am not a conspiracy theorist, but the economic turmoil and the violent bubble and bust situations from the to the most recent real estate and credit crisis wreaks of corruption. It creates paupers and millionaries. My comment is related to a posting you made about how you forsee a different monetary system, a more universal and world market situation. I watched zeitgeist, the movies found on http://www.zeitgeistmovie.comand what I found interesting is the parallel between your comments and how the documentaries notes nefarious desire to create globalization through an universal currency and gov’t with subsequent tearing down of our civil liberties. “Terrorism” which has been happening all over the world now is touted as the new way for bankers to make money because it is a war that you can’t win so it goes on forever. Wonder if you feel there is actually some feeling that globalization is a bad thing. I, for one, find it interesting. 

Hi Wei,

I’ll have to check out the link. I’ve been too busy to look at it, but I will tomorrow. You know the bible seems to think globalization is bad, but I actually don’t feel that way for a number of reasons.

Again, I haven’t seen the documentary, but I often think the knee jerk reaction to globalization is based on this ingrained fear driven into the subconscious of our country via the book of Revelations. Which by the way was prophecy about the end of the Aries age, going into the Pisces, not about this time period despite the fact people of every age have tried to wrangle the prophecies to fit their particular era. And all the fancy metaphors and predictions did come to pass at that time. Especially, if one is a Christian the talk of a Messiah saving Israel should clearly indicate the rise of Jesus, and the emancipation of the Jews from the Egyptians around that period.

I remember when I was a kid back in the late 70s (I was on occult mailing lists of course because I tried to join the Rosicrucian’s and many other such groups via the mail) getting a pamphlet put out by the Zionists saying that the beast was the computer (there was really only one big computer that was housed in like a skyscraper or something) and all bar codes had the number 666 as part of their encoding.

This computer/beast was going to control all commerce, and people were going to have to eventually wear their mark on their palm, because cards would be too dangerous, etc. People might loose them and then what would they do! Oh, yeah call 1-800-bank-blah, but they hadn’t thought up 800 numbers yet I guess or the idea of replacing cards. Their interpretation was kind of true.

Banking is computerized, but we don’t wear the mark of the beast. And maybe the prophets of old did see some weird computer thing in a vision, and were afraid of it, doesn’t mean it is the devil. Let’s not forget it was cool to stone your wife to death, sacrifice your kid if God told you to, and God forbade eating pork. So the fear mongering in the bible extends into many crazy areas.

So here are my reasons why globalization is not only not a bad thing:

1) The more we band together as a world the greater our chances for saving the earth.

2) The more we are all interlinked the more we lift each other up, helping the developing world and in turn hopefully, helping them to avoid the errors of the mistakes we’ve made along the way. They also help us. If we do things fairly, we can all benefit from the resources of all nations, and put the best of everyone and everything to work for the whole of the world.

3) Agreeing on international laws which we all have to abide by puts each separate government’s feet to the fire, such as: We violated the Geneva Convention, in my opinion the Bush administration officials (and the President himself) should stand trial for war crimes if he, and/or his people are proven to have OK’d torture. They broke the law. If we can’t do anything in our country to make our government officials accountable then we still have the hope of the world community policing us. The more we (by this I mean countries) hold each other to humanitarian standards, despite the policies of our particular isolated country’s politics, the more we advance humanitarian causes.

4) We are one planet circling around one of approximately 250 billion stars in our galaxy alone. There are billions, and billions of stars and scientists are finding it common for stars to have planets orbiting them. And I’m sure over time we will find solar systems as common as cells in a human body. The chances we are alone in the universe are impossible. The more we see ourselves as one people – one world, the more we are prepared to take the leap forward into the future, advance our sciences, our capacity to travel to other planets and be able to deal with the eventual (if we are not already dealing with it, which in my opinion we are) communication with either extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional beings. 

Of course the down side to a global economy is what we are currently seeing. If one country falls then we see the domino effect. But if we can put laws in place, and make sure anti-monopoly laws are not only put into place, but indestructible via deregulation or otherwise, then the world would thrive in ways no one could imagine possible.

However, if we allow the greedy to manipulate the world stage then it would be Soylent Green time. This is the potential threat of a truly united global economy. Luckily, people and country’s are self-interested enough to see this potential and hopefully (if these countries are not run by morons or madmen) protect their people from exploitation.

Best wishes and many blessings to all of you,


Answering Readers…

Astrology: How It Works; Really, you can do that in one post? Well, a little…

In answer to Shannon/Sparker’s question:


Hi Denise,
I have another off the wall question. I don’t know what time of day I was born. I would really like to understand astrology more and I feel I cannot really delve into it with out being able to personally relate to it. Is there a way to find out what time of day I was born? Can it be done clairvoyantly or by Tarot cards? It is something that has been really bothering me. I know I am going through a Saturn return right now and my life is flipping from one direction to the next without any notice. I think if I understood the astrological influences I might be able to handle things better.
Thanks for your time! I love reading your posts everyday. : )

Oh, and if you do feel drawn to answering my question and may be able to help in some way, just in case you need it, my dob is 3/31/80 and my name is Sharon

It’s time to explain some stuff about astrology. It’s an esoteric art/science a lot of people don’t really understand. I used to think it was completely bunk. I know, it’s kind of ironic. Especially, when I was a kid and an avid amateur astronomer (despite always knowing and having psychic experiences) the idea that somehow the stars alignment at a given time effecting us as individuals seemed ridiculous.

But after working as a psychic and meeting several very accurate astrologers, and learning more about the art (in my early 20s) I realized there was a lot to this ancient science/art. Now with quantum mechanics and quantum physics, and string theory – somehow my brain can reconcile the inconsistancies of left, and right, and have made peace with the fact that, dang! It works!

Firstly, the time of an event is crucial. My own birth time was wrong, and for years I walked around with a chart that didn’t completely make sense. Things never “timed out,” as we astrologers say. It described me very well in terms of my personality, and basic issues, but with the old chart my father never would have died when I was 10. I wouldn’t have moved to CA when I was 18 to go to art school, or gotten married at 21. So you see, those are some pretty big things that didn’t show up at the appointed time.

However, for all of you, who are like me, either born in Chicago (where they kept notoriously crappy birth time records at hospitals) or your state didn’t require a birth time for the certificate, or here in CA where I filled out my daughter’s form, and would have been wrong had it not been for my husband (because I had an emergency c-section, and was under anesthesia when she came out). Alas, there is a way out of the confusion. 

It’s called rectification!

One caveat. It takes a long time to do, and is difficult. It’s easier if you have a basic area of time to start with that an astrologer can plug in. Truthfully, it’s so difficult I don’t know any astrologer (at least who I’ve met) that would do it. But with the advent of good astrology programs it has gotten a million times easier, and I actually do it. I did it for myself, and finally I can look at my chart, and tell where stuff is going to hit me instead of just what’s coming my way, but without any real knowledge of what area of my life its going to wreak havoc on. 

Rectification requires giving an astrologer at least 3 major dates in your life such as: the date you married, had a parent die, or other loved one die, had a child, got divorced, moved to a new city, had a crazy great job promotion. Anything that you consider to be a major turning point in your life can be used. The astrologer plugs this information into your chart, and runs it through weighting the aspects, and the chances of how likely a particular time is to be your time of birth.

Other methods have been used by astrologers, and psychics like scrying, the use of a pendulum, channelling the birth time. But in most cases I would be suspicious. Not that the astrologer/psychic isn’t trying, but timing is very exact, and psychic ability is often foggy which is why psychics don’t win the lottery. Numbers, exact details and absolute clarity are not the calling cards of psychic ability, it is ruled by Neptune which also rules confusion, and imagination, alcoholism, schisters and the insane.

By its very nature psychic ability is imprecise. The most a great psychic could hope for is anything over 75% accuracy. This is remarkable for a psychic. Anyone who is more consistently accurate is a one in a million freak of nature.  Even those psychics who are very good will have varying degrees of accuracy for each person they read, connecting more to some then others. They do exist, one in a million sounds pretty small, but there are 300 million Americans and almost 7 billion people on the planet so there are some remarkably gifted psychics walking around.

The point I’m trying to make is, rectification should be done by at least a good astrologer. I tried to get astrologers to do it for me back in the day before computer programs were set up to help, and was very frustrated by the experience.

The other method that can work (at least it did for me) was about 4 months before I became pregnant with my daughter, my father started showing up. I know this sounds weird, even weirder for me because he not only died when I was 10, but for 30 years I had really no contact (spiritually) with him. Sometimes he’d show up in the background of a dream, just watching me, but that was about it. I had even wondered if it was because he’d already incarnated. I had given up ever making contact with him until death.

I wasn’t much of a medium until recently, I had been extremely accurate when channeling, but it wasn’t people I was channelling. For some reason I couldn’t really see dead people, could only talk to them through the spirit guide that I channeled, sort of like a liason.

Anyway, I was at the mall waiting for my husband to finish trying on some new shirts, siting at a table with two chairs, I was in one of them, when I felt a tall lanky man walk past me, pull out the chair next to mine, and sit down. I went to see who had sat next to me, but there was no one there.

All of a sudden I had a strong, vivid impression of my father. You know how over time the memory of someone you haven’t seen grows fuzzy? Well, it was bizarre because I could make out the specks in his eyes (in my mind’s eye) he was not only sharp, clear, but made up of colors your real eyeballs can’t see. The more I concentrated on him the clearer he became, and he started miming things to me, because at first I couldn’t hear him.

It had been 30 years since I’d heard his voice, but the more I tuned in I actually heard him speaking. Long story short he imparted some information, I heard my name called by a woman (I thought it was someone passing by, but no one was there) and then saw my Aunt Doris whom I did not know had passed over.

A couple of days later I found out my Aunt had died (not that day or anything but awhile before). It was very odd, sitting at a table at The Grove, in Los Angeles, talking to myself (luckily not too many people were around) and at the same time feeling so extremely moved. Ever since that day he has come around, and made his presence known, and he, after a year of going through almost every minute of the day in an effort to rectify my chart, gave me my birth time. I plugged it in, and it was amazing. The chart was totally accurate.

I had come close with my efforts based just in plugging in every two to five minutes of an hour, but had been off even then by a few minutes from what turned out to be my real chart.

So it is possible for a psychic to talk to a relative who knows. But that relative has to really know. My dad was at the hospital, and had looked at his watch when he got the news. He showed me the event. If the psychic talks to a relative who is just as clueless as the mom, or everyone else, the information is useless. Don’t forget people on the other side are still people. They are in a timeless space and have access to future and past events if they know how to do it, but not everyone on the other side has mastered how to make contact with loved ones here, how to skip forward or backwards. Just because they’re dead doesn’t make them omnipotent. It does give them access, but they aren’t always right, and some of them lie, just like people here do. 

Keep posting questions if you have them. 

Hope you are all having a good holiday season despite the economic tragedy we are suffering through.

Best wishes and many blessings to all of you,


Astrology: How It Works; Really, you can do that in one post? Well, a little…