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The first from Grace:



I am a hobbist genealogist. I have several long deceased relatives I would like to know what they were like. Have you ever done a chart on a deceased person? If I have a date and time of death, how do I use that? 

My great grandfather died of swine flu in 1918. His brother died that same year in WWI. I can find military records for Uncle Glenn, but nothing for Grandpa Benjamin. I would love to know more about these two men, but have exhausted all other sources. It seems like their deaths sent the whole family into a downward spiral.

I don’t have birth times naturally, but I don’t think that will matter in this case. Can you use dates from the distant past to see how they impacted the future?


Hi Grace,

You can run a solar chart. And yes you can see how they effected the world through their charts, and of course, what sorts of things they went through based on that info. You won’t know exactly what. and when things happened without a birth time, but you can really tell a lot about their personalities; how they interacted with people, their passions, their weaknesses, most definitely. if you want to post their birth dates I can run solar charts for you, and do an analysis to show everyone how this works.





  Hi Denise, 

I would love to know your thoughts on the Illinois governor (Blagojevich) scandal. Somehow this man seems so caught up in his ego that he literally doesn’t ‘get’ what he has done and feels like he answers to nobody but himself (is my humble opinion). I hope this won’t drag out very far into 2009 if at all, but most likely there will be a lot of mud sliding downhill for quite some time with this scandal. This time period almost seems like a ‘karmic’ cycle in the world. And, those that are corrupt will definately feel the effects. I personally feel that once Obama and his team get into office, that they are going to uncover unprecedented amounts of previous corruption and scandal that we have NEVER seen in anyones lifetime (especially in the financial, banking, auto industry, etc.). And, they are thankfully the right team to clean it up!

Best wishes to you Denise!

Hi Wyntyr,

The dude looks like a cartoon of a slimy used car salesman. How did this man even win? Seriously, he has such gross energy. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the guy. He’s just a bad stereo type of a political hack. I think he got confused, and thought he was living in the Soviet Union, because how ridiculous is this whole thing? He not only couldn’t sell Obama’s senate seat — I don’t want to even get into how stupid this guy has to be. And yes, I agree with you, we are seeing karma boomerang right now. It’s just the beginning. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the Bush scandals in terms of them getting their due as well.

Interestingly there was a planet discovered a few years ago (in our solar system) by Mike Brown professor/scientist from Cal-Tech. There was some debate about whether it was really a “planet” or not because of its size and the fact that it was so far out of orbit. But it is actually bigger then Pluto which is why scientists started trying to say Pluto was no longer a planet. Long story short they decided trans-neptunian planets in the Kuiper Belt would be called dwarf planets, lame but anyway, I e-mailed Mike Brown about the importance of picking the right name, which was his responsibility since he found it, telling him how important a name is, especially to the collective unconscious, blah, blah. I begged him to pick a Goddess name since there were so few and also to try and stay within the same pantheon all the other planets were named for. He wrote me back and told me he was on it. I had suggested a name but there was already an asteroid with that name and they couldn’t have two heavenly bodies with similar names due to some regulation. So he ended up picking Eris, Goddess of strife. This was decided in 2006.

Interestingly enough Uranus, ruler of revolutions was discovered in-between the French revolution and our revolution. I don’t think its a coincidence that Eris was found when she was. As I see it she is a warning about the difficulties ahead. I want to do more research on her mythology but to make a long story short I think her discovery was a foreshadowing of a new period, one in which karma becomes more instant, and where reaction follows action almost immediately. I’ll do some research and write a post about this. Here’s a link to basic info about Eris:

Bed time. I’m working on a number of posts, one regarding the outer planets and how they effect us and I guess now one on Eris.

Best wishes and many blessings to all,



Answering Readers…

3 thoughts on “Answering Readers…

  1. grace43 says:

    Since I cannot find an exact birthdate for Uncle Glenn, I’m giving you information about my other great grandfather who was killed in the worst American train accident of 1910 in his place. I am also including a couple of dates from significant life events because both my great grandfathers where born on farm in unattended births with no formal records kept. This is in case you want to show a rectification on someone whom has nothing to loose socially or personally.

    John Sloop
    born: 3 Feb 1861, Daviess County, MO(unattended home birth on a farm in the middle of nowhere)
    Marriage: Feb. 4, 1886 Daviess County, MO
    Birth of my grandpa: 30 March 1890 Norcatur, Norton County, Kansas USA
    Birth of my Aunt : 8 Jul 1897 Swabville, , Kansas
    Death: 9 Sep 1910 Clayton, Norton County, Kansas (article about his death including photos and a quote from him – The most smashed up car was the one he was riding in. It’s the smoker car which is a bit of a family mystery because we are all fairly positive he didn’t smoke.)

    This is my other greatgrandfather, Benjamin Harrison Fitzpatrick –
    Born: March 4, 1888 Trail Creek, Harrison County, MO
    Death of his brother Glenn (he was said to be so sad about his brother’s death that he died): Aug. 26, 1918 Maginot Line, France.
    Birth of my grandpa: 10 Apr 1915
    Possum Walk, Nodaway County, MO (this is literally a stop in the road. Burlington Junction may be the nearest town.)
    Birth of my Uncle Charles: 23 Jul 1916 Nodaway County, MO (probably also in that booming metropolis of Possum Walk)
    Died: Jan. 18, 1919 Dudley, Stoddard County, MO (Spanish Inflenza)

    Here is a little tip about genealogy: I met my great grandma on many occassions and I thought she was a nice lady. After very little research, I learned she moved in with another man as his “housekeeper” within a year of her husband’s death. A year and a half after poor ole Gramps died, she’s married to another man with a baby on the way and my poor grandpa and his brother are kicked out of their mother’s home and living with other relatives. Before these boys are ten years old, they are pushed out by all family, are virtually homeless and being raised by an old bootlegger they knew. You can think you knew someone and thought they were nice and come to find out they were not so nice after all.

    You can do either man or both. I am almost positive my grandpa, John Sloop, was a really nice guy. Supposedly, he died telling jokes. Interesting, because my grandpa also told jokes shortly before he died.

    Thanks for all your help!

  2. farah says:

    Eris’s original nickname was Xena and I think that that is the name that should have remained. The symbolic energy surrounding Xena mythologically speaking (even though Xena is a modern invention) is much higher and more positive than the concept of a goddess of discord and strife.

  3. Norah says:

    Hi Denise

    You are right on in your assessment of Casey Anthony … she is a true sociopath. No doubt the defense will try to get her off on the grounds of temporary insanity, since the evidence against her is so damning; but she knew exactly what she was doing: Caylee Marie got in the way of her partying lifestyle, so she offed her. I suspect there are many dark and terrible secrets in the Anthony home, not just this horrific crime. I live in central FL and we’ve had this story on the local news pretty much 24/7 since it happened. Now that the poor child’s body has been found, we all want justice for her.

    So sorry you have to deal with migraines, Denise. But perhaps they intensify your gift. I’ve heard them described as “an electrical storm in the brain” and some sufferers report a feeling of clarity after the pain wears off. I get them, also, but not nearly as badly as you do; I find if I take the herb feverfew daily, it helps cut down on the frequency and severity of the attacks. But I don’t take other meds that might conflict with it. Herbs are powerful medicine in themselves!

    Thanks for all you do here. May peace and prosperity be yours in the New Year. And thank God the Boooosh Administration is on its way out! I hope you’re right … that a war tribunal is in their future, with prison close behind.

    Ocala, FL

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