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Hi all, I’m currently working on deconstructing the dwarf planets — Pluto being one of them, the one wreaking havoc right now. So of course I wanted to address Farah’s comment, which is here:


Eris’s original nickname was Xena and I think that that is the name that should have remained. The symbolic energy surrounding Xena mythologically speaking (even though Xena is a modern invention) is much higher and more positive than the concept of a goddess of discord and strife.

Hi Farah,

Xena was the dwarf planet’s nickname while Mike Brown decided on a mythological name. At the time I e-mailed him back in 03, I didn’t realize there was a rule that heavenly bodies had to be named after ancient God/Goddesses. I actually wrote to him begging him not to name the planet something stupid, and to pick a Goddess as there are so few represented. I had one in mind, but unfortunately the name was already taken.

I agree that the Goddess of discord and strife is pretty negative, and I wish he hadn’t named this very large “dwarf planet,” after a Goddess that was supposed to love the sight of human blood being spilled.

She is actually the sister of Aries, another warrior God. She’s pretty gnarly. And we’ll have to see how she plays out over the coming years. Right now Eris is at 21 degrees Aries. And Eris has been in Aries starting way back in 1924, so you see she is very slow moving. It takes about a century for her to change signs, so perhaps we will see a corrolation between her energy, and that of the century, in which case we are still lingering in the 20th and haven’t quite made it to the next level. Interesting to note when Eris was in Pisces it was during the enlightenment, and when in Aries: it was the age of self-realization, modern art, the sexual revolution, and a general push toward exploring the self (also the “Me” generation fits squarely in the center of her reign.)

Let’s hope Eris was unfairly named, and perhaps is more about the general color of the mass consciousness, perhaps the deep dark id-like side of humanity, or the life blood of a century rather than just her horrible reputation as being a viscious death mongering blood letting, cold, malacontent, Goddess of chaos.

I wonder if perhaps her story, and her attributes changed over time as the Greeks became more patriarchal. This is a common theme, demonizing Goddesses as a culture turns from the feminine aspects of God for political reasons to support the new patriarchal system, and thereby changes the attributes of a Goddess. This was also done in the bible where several demons were actually, at one time, Goddesses and Gods that the ancient Jews worshipped before becoming monotheistic. It’s a common political-religious tool to frighten people into a new belief system that enforces a new political structure.


Thank you Denise for your advice on Minara Resources, MRE, The company was born in Perth, Western Australia not Sydney, Australia despite this, the reading was accurate in that they were doing very well in 2006. Would this have much affect on the overall accuracy of the astrological reading? When I read and re -read some of your answers to our questions there is a thread throughout that somehow gives me faith and peace (something I haven’t had recently) that the worlds economy wont end but transform, even though our foundations, our basic security is under threat, and there will be massive changes and challenges to come, there is a larger picture that is ultimately for the good. At the end of the day materialism isn’t what it is made out to be and can often create so much misery as seen in our Western worlds. My gratitude to you for helping me see this.

Hi Louis,

The timing would be slightly off with a city change, but the basic chart would be the same. Also if this stock is traded in Sydney then it would likely take on the timing of Sydney. 

I’m very glad i could help you feel better during this period. These are growing pains and if we all stay involved and demand our world become a better place, it will be.
Best wishes to all of you and many blessings,


Answering Readers…

2 thoughts on “Answering Readers…

  1. sparker says:

    Hi Denise,
    After reading your post about Eris the other day I found myself contemplating her. I decided to do some research online to see if I could find some truth about it all. The general perceived idea about her just didn’t feel right to me. I think I read enough to help me come to a better feeling about her. I am not a writer so, I hope I can explain it all in a way that gets my thought process through clearly.
    I first read this post It was quite interesting. It mentions the Discordians, which I have never heard of until reading the post. Here is wikipedia’s info on the Discordians. They apparently worship Eris. The conclusion that I could come up with that feels just right to me is that she is a Goddess of clarity and reorder, which to bring it she will inevitably bring chaos because we have all functioned a certain way for such a long time.
    In this day and age I would suspect that her good traits bring forth sharing and new order but, to get there, there must be chaos if we don’t get there by our own will. This World has bought and created many ways to separate from each other. Since we are not really separate, and because we do not all really realize this yet, we must undergo chaos to reconstruct and recalibrate so that we can adapt to a new way of functioning, or a new world order so to say.
    We have separated ourselves in many ways, it has done by ownership of things and the creation of beliefs that physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually separate us. Whether it is buying a big yard that separates us from our neighbors, a religion that says other are wrong and we are right, creating a country that sets its standards and beliefs a certain way and thus alienates, criticizes or monopolizes it’s neighbors, or even a first class ticket, exclusive clothing, etc. that creates a belief that they are separate from those who cannot afford them.
    I think Eris brings clarity with her, the clarity aspect of her would be a realization that these things that are bought, rules that are written and beliefs that believed, do not even exist. That money is just a piece of paper with an idea behind it, that rules are just words on a piece of paper and beliefs are just thoughts. What happens when we realize that the idea of money is wrong? That there isn’t any gold or worth behind that paper? That everything on this planet has worth that cannot possibly be contained in a piece of paper? What happens when there is no more power to enforce the words written on the rule books? What happens when we understand that thinking is only a function of the mind and is just part of the human body to manifest and communicate? That the mind is not of the spirit that is eternally us? Eris is what happens! However, to get to these understandings there must be a breakdown and exposure of truth. When people do not come to realize this on their own there are natural ways, most of them not pretty, to put people in the right direction. I think that’s why Eris is not perceived as being beautiful. But, the path that she puts us on is in fact very beautiful! If we come to the truth on our own, her negative effects would not be that great to us. I think she will have a different influence on each of us depending on where we are on the spiritual scale. If we were all to wake up tomorrow and realize that we are all one force/source, the bloodshed and craziness would not happen.
    I find two studies to be most fascinating and inspiring. You have probably heard of them before, they prove that we CAN change the World around us!!
    The first study is the one where crime was decreased in violent ares when a group of people mediated. There were 22 separate studies to prove it.
    The other is Dr. Emoto’s water crystal studies. It shows that thoughts, words, music and pictures affect us on a molecular level. We can also affect others on a molecular level..
    I am feeling hopeful about this Eris. I think we can change the World a whole lot when just by changing ourselves. She will be as good or as bad as we think she will be. Let’s keep thinking the good stuff! : )
    Thanks For Reading!,

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