Answering a Reader…

I had to answer this post by Truthseeker. I saw it after the post just below it and it also confirmed my skin crawling feeling. Here it is:


  Calm before the storm maybe. 

I was actually wondering if the market crash was from an unexpected reason. For example a terrorist attack, war (if India dropped a bomb on Pakistan) , possibly Israel attacking Iran out of no where.

Heaven forbid.

Hi Truthseeker,

I have a weird feeling you are onto something. As I was writing the post below I felt that the warning the spirits were showing me was not just about the economy, that something else was in the mix. I really hope I’m getting confused here. But when I focus on the message I get anxious. I’m going to try and see if I can dream anything about this for clarification. If I do I will post it. If anyone else has a feeling about this, please post it. 

The other scary thing I noticed when looking at the charts of almost all the western nations was (including the US) there was a theme of 01 degrees in a cardinal sign. Meaning Pluto is about to either, square, oppose or conjunct this sensitive point of a bunch of nations. India has Mars at 0 degrees Cancer, Pluto was exactly opposite its Mars during the Mumbai attack and also exactly incounjuncting the country’s 0 degree Gemini rising. And Pakistan has 2 degrees Aries, which Pluto will hit in late January early Feb of 09. This is why I felt India would strike back at Pakistan during that period. I think Pluto actually hits 2 degrees Capricorn making the square exact, just after Obama’s inauguration. Perhaps the transition will be so focused on the economy, India will feel it can strike back at Pakistan. Let’s hope not.

Best wishes and many blessings to all of you,


Answering a Reader…

4 thoughts on “Answering a Reader…

  1. Hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise,

    I woke up with the feeling that everything was shaking and a lot of energy was swirling. I have been sensitive to geo activity. It doesnt need to be local. Of course, all of this might be personal to me… I wonder if this is particularly heightened since I have my Moon at 0 degrees of Capricorn at the nadir, or collective unconscious of my chart?? I just saw that a terrorist attack and asassination attempt were thwarted in France. There was a thwarted terrorist attempt of an Air France flight to LA a couple of years ago. Seems like this time of year is a vulnerable time for France… Take care of yourself…

  2. hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise,

    I just saw in the news that there was an earthquake in S Carolina, early this morning. I had a thought about the orange garage light experience you had last night. Sometimes when I get signs they are literal. Do you think its somewhere called Orange? Orange county Florida, California, or Orange the city in different areas??? And, Do you think there is anything to worry about with the Soviets doing naval excercises in the waters off of Venezuela? Thanks for keeping up the blog!

  3. Sag1999 says:

    Hi Denise,
    I want to share that about two weeks ago while drifting off to sleep (the in-between stage, sometimes images appear to me), I saw two very large fire balls on a big boat coming towards my view. I thought that was odd. Then in my mind, it connected to Boston’s fear since 9/11-that we have natural gas shipped to the south of the city.

    Two days later in another in-between-stupor stage I saw a big ball of explosion, again. Yesterday the word Germany came to me while I was making dinner. I thought it didn’t make sense. When my husband mention this particular blog post and said I should share my intuition, he described potential terroirst attacks on 12/21/08 (happens to be my 42th birthday), Italy came to my mind. I wonder if some kind of attack will come to the harbors/major cities in Europe? I am hoping it’s not Boston. Or anywhere, for that matter.

    I don’t consider myself psychic, but I have picked up chestpain once before a flashing ambulance flew by me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom in this blog.

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