The Outer Planets: How they effect us personally (part 1)

For those of you who have researched astrology, you’ve probably read that Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are more generational in nature and don’t effect our personality or us personally in the same way that the “personal” planets like: the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn do. (Of course the Sun and Moon are not actually planets but for the sake of astrological influence are lumped in with them and referred to them as such.) But let me assure everyone that this is a major error and misnomer on the part of astrologers that I plan to explain.

The argument set forth by astrologers is that because these outer bodies are slow moving, they can’t directly effect individuals and instead have more to do with whole generations. True, in a way, but lets examine this assumption. There is a quote I read many years ago by Thomas Paine (which I’ll have to find later and post exactly) that states basically: People are more like their generation then their own parents.

People born within a generation (I’ve noticed) not only have  have physical characteristics about them that stand out. The Baby Boomers have Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra. Leo the lion has a mane, is it any surprise that this generation was obsessed with hair? They even had a musical with this name and it was a major source of protest for hippies to let their hair grow in every direction, and as long as it could get. This is just the superficial start of how Pluto in Leo plays itself out within the generation.

This was the generation dubbed, “The Me Generation,” again Leo rules the ego, family, creativity, fertility, children, child-like behavior, speculation, hobbies, theater, drama, performing, And this generation was the first to radically change the dynamics of the family literally Pluto = transformation, death and rebirth, sexuality and in Leo the family, the performing arts (hello rock and roll.) This was the beginning of massive divorce rates and partner swapping, which would be the Neptune in Libra. Neptune = confusion, delusion, illusion, spirituality, psychic ability and Libra = Partnerships, marriage, the visual arts, issues of fairness, peace, strategy, legal matters. All people in this generation have dealt with permutations of these issues directly. And in a strange way this over-arching theme among people born from the late 1930s to the mid-late 1950s I’d argue effects them more because they not only have personally dealt with these issues in various forms in their own lives, but it colors their perception of history and world view because their peers also share these same issues and there is a presumption cast on all humanity that these themes are ever present, when in actuality they are, but not to the same degree.

Let’s look at the generation after the boomers, the Gen-Xers, born from about 1957-1971 (this is from an astrological view point not the standard arbitrary time frame given for generations). Less people were born during this period then any other, especially when Pluto conjuncted Uranus in Virgo. This was the height of the sexual revolution from about 1962-1968. Uranus rules revolution, and Virgo rules: perfectionism, health food, dietary concerns, health, medicine, service to others, analysis, criticism, and is associated with the fashion industry. With Uranus conjunct Pluto during a chunk of this generation from about 1962-1968, we have seen a rise in (and I know because this because I am part of this nutty generation) over-zealous almost religious fervor about health food, dietary issues and exercise. On the positive side there has been an exploration (by this generation in particular) of eastern medicine, energy work and all things non-traditional in regards to healing the body.

This configuration also gives a strange sort of not wanting to be part of a generation thing, where there is an emphasis on individuality because of the Uranus interaction with Pluto, and a recycling of the past in new ways, hence the obsession with vintage everything. Also this generation has Neptune in Scorpio which brought to the forefront the modern primitive/tattoo clan, and also an acceptance and fascination with the occult in general among my peeps. 

I’m going to continue this post tomorrow, discecting generation Y and beyond. And then wrap it all in a nice bow and illustrate how these generational traits play a personal role in our lives.

I’m going to be lazy and sleep now. It’s been a very hectic couple of weeks, and it’s almost the holidays. And I haven’t even finished shopping! That’s how behind I am.

Best wishes to all of you. May your dreams come true (as long as they are not nightmares) and may the Universe bestow many blessings upon you, and your loved ones.


The Outer Planets: How they effect us personally (part 1)

4 thoughts on “The Outer Planets: How they effect us personally (part 1)

  1. grace43 says:

    LOL Denise! I am also in the 62′ – 68′ crowd and I always refer to myself as part of the “as yet unnamed generation”. And that is how I like it! :o)) I have noted my agemates feel about the same way I do. But my parents who are baby boomers love being called “baby boomers”.

  2. Wei says:

    Hi Denise:
    Happy Holidays! I’ve been preoccupied recently on 2012 and how several sources have converged on this date as apocolyptic. Recent stories about planet x approaching and its effect on increasing incidence of earthquakes and strange weather patterns. Prophecies from nostradamus, edgar cayce, myan calendar and i ching (among others) point to dec 2012 as cataclysmic. Although fear mongers are starting to profit from this wierd convergence on this date, I wonder if you had any feelings about this. I’m just getting wierd uneasiness about this and a desire to move out of NY. Thanks!

  3. Sag1999 says:

    I enjoy your post explaining the generations- makes a lot of sense!

    I am echoing Wei’s comment on the weather change, planet X, etc. I have seen a blog on the weather change/earthquake is really a function of the earth’s poles reversing, or the N. Pole is moving toward Siberia. What are your thoughts on the poles reversing and the physical (and therefore psychological) effect it’ll have on people?

    Lastly, as an intuitive person, what do you do when you perceive injustices in such a deep way? I share the sentiment in you posts about the Vatican’s riches, Grace’s post about the fat cats in financial sector, and I read that G.W.Bush is going to pass all kinds of assinine pro-business, anti-environment laws right before he leaves. I get a lot of information and wish to do something, and I know I need to keep the vibration up -it feels like fighting a tsumnami of low vibrations.

    Besh wishes on the holidays!

  4. Hopeandaplan says:

    I just wanted to say that despite all of the troubles out there for many on the economic front, it seems that the slowdown will help forestall the environments accelerating problems. That’s a good thing. I think its interesting that a discussion thread about baby boomers turned into the exploitation of power and greed. The ultimate result of the “me” generation. This generation’s hubris and entitlement is now evident for everyone to witness. Leonian pride comes before a fall. Fraud, Greed, ponzi schemes, Cheney chuckling that history will redeem him, what the hell? The Emperors clothes have been stripped and people now see the truth of our Corporatocracy. And Dubya is the perfect figurehead to have led us here. We finally have a shot to redeem the greatest democratic experiment in history. I look forward to your assessment of other generations. I also wanted to say a personal thanks to Denise for her readings for both my husband and myself. Uncanny and insightful about more than just the economy. My husband was floored, and that’s not easy. Thanks for the blog!!

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