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Hey everyone. I got an angry e-mail from a reader in defense of Israel. I just wanted to say that I am of Jewish descent and actually could move there if I wanted, so could my daughter. I am a supporter of Israel, but I feel they over responded to the mortar fire that by their own original accounts didn’t hurt or kill any of their people. So far there are confirmed 3 Israeli deaths, and over 300 Palestinian.

I was listening to Air America tonight on my way to the drug store, and Thom Hartmann was reading a bunch of Israeli op-ed pieces from different major Israeli newspapers. They were about 90% negative in regards to the recent attack on the Gaza Strip. Hartmann said he was getting all kinds of hate e-mails and phone calls.

I just wanted to clear a few things up about why I am so upset at Israel:

I want there to be an Israel.

I am also an empath and feel the pain of others, killing should never the first response, it should always be the absolute last answer when your own life is endangered. The Jewish people more than most should know the horrors of racial cleansing and murder. We of all people should be the most pacifistic of all, yet, Israel has turned into an insanely hawkish nation. I fear they have taken a cue from our terrible foreign policy of the last 8 years, and are going to push the region into an all out war. There is so much tension there and hatred for the west.

All Israel is doing by responding with such force is creating more terrorism and escalating the attacks against them. They have the right to defend themselves, of course, but the first tact should always be diplomacy which they refuse to do because the Israeli government hates Hamas — granted they do want to obliterate Israel, but Israel doesn’t make itself look gracious, accepting, logical or willing to change their mind by taking the slightest opportunity to blow up apartment buildings in the Gaza strip. This is insane! If they would have appealed to the UN or the US or any of their neighbors to help negotiate, they would have come out heros, and the world would be on their side. If those talks broke down, and their people were attacked again then they could have responded strategically.

But this response was extreme and very much in keeping with our reaction to 9/11, start a war when we should have rooted out Bin Laden and his gang. I understand the rage of being attacked, and the ruthlessness of terrorists, but we can never be blindly loyal to any country, person, place or thing or we stop seeing the truth. It is important to always look at both sides of an issue, have compassion even for the enemy, try to find a peaceful way out, and always respect the lives of others instead of dehumanizing them which is so often done in times of war.

This is a very grave situation Israel has stepped into and it really freaks me out.

I usually have dreams before Israel does something like this. I had a vision of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination when I was traveling with my husband in Germany. I told him about it, and a few weeks later Rabin was assassinated. I also dreamt about a month later that I was hanging out with a family in a suburb of Tel Aviv (which looked somewhat like the desert area of southern CA) and me, and their teenaged kids were talking outside when we looked up, and saw fighter jets zooming overhead with the star of David on them. It was so real this dream. Shortly there after the peace Rabin had been trying to negotiate fell apart, and the war with the Palestinine people began again in earnest.

I knew back in 1995 that dream I had meant that the reality of peace there was broken. Since then I have often had dreams of being in Israel. I have always been a staunch supporter of Israel, especially when Rabin was in charge. He was a great man, and a great leader, full of compassion. I felt that he really could have changed the fate of Israel for the better, and solved the problems with the Palestinians. This is because he listened to them, had compassion for their side of the story. Israel desperately needs another leader like this, or they are going to be blown off the map. I pray someone steps forward soon to change the bad feelings they are engendering among the Arab and Islamic world or God help us all.

I worry that this is just one more piece in a big puzzle leading us into another world war. Iraq was one, Israel’s over-zealous aggression against the Palestinians, and the Pakistani terrorists who are trying goad India into a response. If these cards keep falling, we could see some really terrible things. I didn’t want to freak everyone out but when I was doing charts for the future, I realized that Uranus was going to go into Aries starting in the spring of 2010, this squaring Pluto in Virgo could lead to great upheaval, war, and violence sparked in part by the lording over of power of the west and the world financial troubles. Once Neptune goes into Pisces at the beginning of 2011 there could be major loss of life and tremendous world sorrow.

This doesn’t have to be our path but it is one possible future. We can use these aspects and energies to become more enlightened, empathic, compassionate and honest. But this is why I am so upset with Israel, and the US because we are pushing this energy toward the negative, chaotic, shadow side instead of the positive enlightened side. Let’s just pray for humanities enlightenment and greater compassion for all, and stay involved in the realm of politics where these big broad lessons will be carried out either for or against us as individuals. We have to stay involved, and steer this ship in the right direction! We each have the power to influence the Collective Unconscious and the more we work toward not just our own positive transformation but those around us, helping, listening and being compassionate the more we will grow out of our shadow self.

I know this is hard. We have been living in our shadow self for a long time, and people have become remarkably self-involved in a way I don’t remember them being even 10 years ago. It seems we have fermented a culture of greed and selfishness, and many have taken it to heart, living this shadow side every day without even knowing it.

I believe in confronting people who are taking advantage of others, and standing up for the down trodden, fighting for people to respect one another. To me the worst thing we can do as human beings is to be indifferent to others. Even hate is the other side of love, and can be flipped, but indifference is nothingness, an empty chasm that leads only to isolation, chaos and emptiness. So don’t be afraid to speak your truth. If someone hurts you or others, let them know in as kind a way as you can – this is how we all learn, and grow toward becoming more compassionate, better people.

Peace and best wishes,


More About Israel

10 thoughts on “More About Israel

  1. Hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise, As you have aptly pointed out in the past we have to speak up otherwise the powerful just manipulate and run over everyone. I saw the pictures of Gaza and buildings were decimated. It is a very complicated situation historically further complicated with the recent history of a two people that seems to mirror the Hatfields and the McCoys. Israel has the right to defend itself and their anger was pushed by Hamas’s rockets and Hamas rejecting the ceasefire. How can years and now generations of attacks be shrugged off by both sides who probably suffer from post traumatic stress and on the Palestinians side have no way to lift themselves from their poverty. I think its interesting that the Saudis spend money building the largest building in Dubai and turn their backs on their fellow Muslim Palestinians. I think some of these countries prefer stoking the Israeli aggression. Afterall with Israeli aggression all of the middle east oil countries benefit from a boost in oil prices because of the geopolitical instability. I agree that Israel is over stepping its response and not engendering any goodwill around the world. But where are the wealthy Islamic countries with help for their brothers? I heard Jordan is sending tons of relief food and portable medics. Where are the rest of these countries with help, not only during war time but during times of peace? The Palestinians are a down trodden people and their circumstances and history is tragic. But I am no longer just dissappointed by the Israeli reaction, I am offended by the Islamic reaction which only foments further despair for an entire world culture. Thanks for your post. We all need to discuss this. That’s how solutions are found. There is a learning curve for everyone so for those who are offended by some of our naivety, forgive us but we are citizens of the world and humanity and our collective future is worth our stumbling together towards solutions. Yeah I am a Gen X’er, hopelessly idealistic and thank God for us. Obama’s campaign made it cool again to have hope so just get over the cynism out there, it’s annoying, indulgent, and counterproductive. God bless us all. Happy New Year.

  2. sparker says:

    Hi Denise,
    I was actually really happy someone came forth and said it. There seems to be a huge difference between the Israelis in Israel and the American Jewish people. After living in NYC for 8 yrs I got to meet both Israelis as well as American Jews. I have noticed their differences in opinion and action are very very different. But, Israel’s action seems to come forth from a more American Jew mentality rather from what I see and feel from the actual Israelis.
    I was watching Bill Moyers on PBS the other night and an amazing Jewish woman came forth with her story.. the documentary is called Beyond Our Differences..
    It is truly an amazing documentary that focuses on what is right, from every faith, and shows such transcendence from this Jewish woman who decided to teach Art to both Palestinian and Jewish children. Please check it out if you’d like to be uplifted!
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

  3. I feel that in order to bring lasting peace between Israel and Palestine, there must be change in the leadership. The only way that can happen is not through the West, or the UN, It has to be through the Israelis and the Palestinians. They are are the ones who will have to decide to choose peace over war. And choose leaders who is a reflection of what they want to see. I hope that what we have done here by choosing Obama will be an example for other countries to follow.

    Hopeandaplan, I was thinking the same thing. In the past few years, places like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the Emirates have been building multi-billion dollar resorts. How come they have not pumped some of those billions into construction and economic growth in Gaza or the West Bank?

  4. Truthseeker says:

    Hi Denise,

    Just my opinion. This is all Russia v’s USA always has been. Russia secretly supports USA enermys… and USA supports Who ever IT choses too against Russia. Sure alot of USA troops in the middle east is about oil. ITs also about having a mass of troops in an area close to Russia and amongst Iran. The cold war never ended it just went underground. This will become clear and is slowly coming to light now as Russia beats its war drum.

    Terrorism has blind sited the facts. Both USA and Russia use Terrorism as an excuse for war.
    Both USA and Russia created Terrorism. C.I.A and K.G.B. C.I.A created Bin laden this is fact. C.I.A trained Bin laden in the war against the Russians in Afghanistan. We all know it yet we are still blind sited as a society. USA stockpiled Iraq with weapons of mass destruction in the Iran/ Iraq war. This is also fact. So of course Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Once again the Iran/Iraq war was really USA vs Russia. USA supported Iraq and Russia supported Iran. See the pattern? USA supports Israel and Russia supports all enermys of Israel/USA.

  5. grace43 says:

    As a person of Irish decent, I never thought there would ever be peace in Northern Ireland, but after 300 years of aggression, at last there is peace. The Middle Eastern region could learn from this lesson. Do they really want 300 years of war?

  6. I dream of Israel too says:

    Hi Denise, well written. I too am Jewish and cannot believe Israel’s mismanagement of world opinion by its behavior in Gaza. I’ve seen more antisemitism this winter than I have ever witnessed in my life. Will there be any sympathy when the cards fall karmically in Israel? I kind of tend to doubt it. Instead people round the world will be cheering, “Good! Filthy Jews, die!” It is almost as though non-Jews are writing the policy in Israel and attributing it to us in order to get us all killed! Hitler in his wildest dreams could not have come up with a more efficient plan to make Jews and Jewry look bad 😦

    I too have dreams of Israel before she misbehaves in the world theatre. Tell me what this dream from four nights ago means, because it has me terrified: I was here in New York, among tall buildings, and the sky was a very deep, strange, unreal twilight blue. People were pointing with smiles of wonder up at the sky, so I looked. Odd military aircraft were streaking by overhead and all had the Mogen David symbol on them. These were firing missiles down at America. I saw F16s appear and fire back, but deliberately off-target so as not to hit any Israeli aircraft. I asked, “What is going on, why are Israeli jets firing at America?” And a voice from someone in the crowd yelled, “Israel is attacking America!” People began to run screaming in all directions. I continued to look up at this bizarre sight of Israeli jets firing odd streaming missiles through the sky, and American jets either deliberately missing them, or having their return fire shunted aside almost supernaturally. Nothing the US fired touched so much as one Israeli warplane. It was like the US had its hands tied behind its back.

    Now: a large bridge was prominent in the dream, and among the people fleeing, I saw a man who resembled Ted Kennedy, and thought to myself, “Senator Ted Kennedy; what is he doing here?”

    I woke up having a very bad feeling off this dream.

    PS, any commenters who call me a self-hating Jew, Israel is now a shanda fur die goyim. If you really are Jewish, pro-IDF folks, you know exactly what the phrase means. Read it and weep.

  7. Emma says:

    Isreal is being attakced plain and simple. War is hell. Hamas is not the innocent party. Where is criticism of the 8 years of suicide bombers that Israelis have had to put up with? What about PTS the children of Israel are experinceing. I think you are a closet anti semite no matter if you are Jewish or not. You so called views are one side and heartless. You do not see the whole picture.

  8. Emma, you need to know some facts:

    For the past 8 years, 1 Million Jews sleep in bomb shelters EVERY night.

    Over 7,000 rockets and missiles have been intentionally fired into civilian Israeli neighborhoods. 5,000 of which AFTER the Jews left Gaza.

    In the 60 years since Israel was re-born, they have had to fight 6 wars and 2 Intifadas, as they had been attacked by their neighbors. The PLO/Fatah and Hamas Charters specifically call for the destruction of Israel and the killing of ALL Jews. Read it.

    Jews have always been the majority of the population in Israel. People think that Israel is made up of just the Jews that survived the Holocaust. This is not true. In fact, the section of Jerusalem the arabs are claiming (East Jerusalem) was entirely Jewish until Jordan attacked in the 1920’s and forced the Jews out of their homes.

    The slots in the door frames that held the Mezzuzahs are still there. Jews are the only group in the world that use Mezzuzahs. This is fact. Read about the Arab Riots of 1929. My own family were among those butchered.

    Jordan was given to the arab migrant workers as their own nation in the British Mandate, but they refused. That too, is fact- read about it.

    The term “Palestine” is Greek- it was given to the Israel Jews by the Romans when they destroyed the 2nd Temple as an insult based upon the Greeks who once tried to take Israel. Also, there is no “Palestinian” culture or language. The “P” is not even in Arabic.

    All the artifacts in the land of Israel -and there are thousands of them, are Hebrew- by the ancient Jews, many of which date back to the early Bronze Age. Archeologists, and Universities worldwide, use the Torah and Mishnahs for their archeological explorations in the land. It has proven that historically accurate.

    The arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” are from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. They came in as migrant workers after the Ottoman Empire collapsed.

    They did not coin the term “Palestinian” until the early 70’s when Arafat, himself an Egyptian, started to use it to lay claim to Israel and to force the Jews out. It is probably the most notorious case of ID theft ever perpetrated.

    This conflict has nothing to do with land. It is the Moslem hatred of the Jew, and their desire to “drive the Jews into the sea,” which is what they proclaimed in 1948. Read the Q’uran and
    see what they are instructed to do to the Jews:
    “Oh Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind this rock. Come and kill him.”

    Did you also know that over 850,000 Jews were expelled from Arab lands, their possessions, property and money confiscated under Moslem laws, when Israel became a state?

    The following is in their own words. The actual film footage and documents are available:

    PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein made one such statement to a Dutch newspaper in 1977.  He said:
               ” The Palestinian people does not [sic.] exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.”[3]
    Going even further back, the PLO’s first leader, another Egyptian named Ahmed Shukairy, said: “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria.”[4]
     On September 13, 1993, the same day Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin signed the “Declaration of Principles” embodying those ideals for which he would later get the Nobel Prize, he explained his motives on Lebanese TV:
    “Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory that we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against Israel”.[12]
    And you blame Israel for Gaza???? What are the Jews supposed to do? Just allow themselves to be killed again?

    Israeli Aggression? If another nation lobbed 7,000 missiles and rockets into the US, what do you think the US, or any other nation would do?

    Would you expect the US to defend herself and get rid of the threat, or would you be content to sleep in a bomb shelter at night, and just let them continue fire at you and you children?

    You are either ignorant of well documented history, or you are anti-semitic. Either way, what you wrote is absolutely irresponsible.

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