Just one tiny thing…

My readers are AWESOME! So smart and thoughtful. You make me so happy when I read your comments. It gives me even more faith in humanity. You guys rule! You are all so insightful, wise, intelligent, intuitive, compassionate, loving, and IDEALISTIC!!!! YEAH!

Sending you all lots of love,



(2009 is Year of the Ox, I’ll get to that later)

Just one tiny thing…

2 thoughts on “Just one tiny thing…

  1. Sag1999 says:

    Dear Denise,

    I enjoy your blog and really appreciate your opinions/explanations, and your persistent call for enlightenment and lighter energy. In the case of Israel, I am really surprised that its government didn’t learn the lesson of the Bush Admin becoming an international pariah for its unilateral invasion of Iraq.

    I do have a question about the Dow Jones. It appears to have an upward slope/trend in the last three weeks, despite lower consumer confidence and higher unemployment claims, etc. I sense the illusion of people still wanting to stick to the old ways and that things will get better anytime now. Could you explain the Dow with the planets? Where is Neptune and Saturn? And how and when would things change (what would it take) so that we are really going to see that we need to change for the better?

    Thanks for everything.

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