Some Info From Nitin…

Nitin tried to post this but had trouble. It looks like good information so I’m putting it up on the front page to draw attention to it:

Hi Guys,
happy new year 2009. Hope this year will be a quieter one compared to 2008. Anyway i would like to share to the readers of this blog some interesting stuff i have been reading and which i think is very relevant indeed to the actual world economic crisis. There is this guy in the states who got a phd in economics and he has been writing books on the US economy since the late 70’s and until recently where he wrote a book on the fed chairman Greenspan as being fraudulent and how through his policies is acting in the hands of the capitalist. I am impressed with his explanation of all the complex economic theory in simple layman terms and how he questioned the fundamentals of the modern ecomic school of thoughts. Maybe you guys have already started moaning about why i am writing about economic stuff on a psychic blogs and its not even my blog in the first place. Well interestingly this guy ( his name is ravi batra) a professor from southern methodist university have been making economic predictions since the late 70’s  and over 85% have actually happened. He also predicted that The US will wage a war against radical islam and also that iran will be governed by priesthood by the end pf the 70’s amongst other things. His books has been best seller in the states. i am going to include some links for you guys to check this guy out.
His details
an independant article on Ravi Batra
his main forecast over the 2 decades
He wrote an interesting article on the bailout in very simple layman terms
also he wrote about the main reasons of the financial crisis
He also uses an interesting socio economic concept call the social cycles built in his forecast model for predictions.
i am impress by how he diverged and rewrute the wage gap effciency theory.
Denise, i would like to have your sincere views on this guy..his latest book in 2007 was entitled the new golden age is in line with your predictions about how the current economic crisis would create a new world order.
god bless
and Happy new year 2009  

Some Info From Nitin…

4 thoughts on “Some Info From Nitin…

  1. Nitin says:

    Hi jimmy,

    listened to your comments. Very instructive and a big thanks for taking time to put together all the stuff on myspace. Interesting to see you are from Australia, i live in Perth myself.

    I also believe the market will crashed in January as lots of companies will have their midyear report published , which means as at 31 December 2008. Once the not so good results will be out, the market will panic again.

    I would look into investing into euro currency as they are bound to become the next currency as USD would be going down….Like some minded people predicted including Denise, we are at the dawn of a new age. The way the world conduct business will radically change.

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