Numerology with more to come…

I’m going to start with showing everyone how to figure out there personal year number and then post the interpretation to it later. My daughter wasn’t feeling well tonight so I fell asleep with her and I’m too out of it to write anything truly coherent so here goes.

You take your birth day and month and add it together with the current year. 


I was born February 9: 2-9 which is: 2+9=11

The year is 2009: Again that is 2+9=11

11 + 11 = 22 

2+2 = 4

So for me this is a 22/4 year

It is important if you get a double digit to keep it in place because it is known as a master number. If it is not a double digit, you can immediately reduce it to its number such as:

If I were born 8/9

It would be 8 + 9 = 17, then 1+7=8 plus the number 11 for the year making this persons year number a 1.

(8+11=10 which reduces to a 1)

Hope that’s clear. I’ll let you all work on that and then let you know what each year number means. If you have questions about how this works, post it so I can answer before going ahead with the meanings.

Numerology with more to come…