Meaning of the your personal year (Numerology, cont.)

Sorry this post is so late in the day, again my little one has a cold so it’s a lot of cuddling and holding right now, not a lot of time to write. I’ll try to answering questions later tonight. But for now let’s get to the meaning of your personal numerological year.

If you added up your info and are in a:

1 path year: ¬†Expect new beginnings, new people coming into your life. Whatever you start now will have at least a 9 year life expectancy as it progresses with you through the changing number years ahead. So its a good time to start something you’ve always wanted to do, take classes, start a new career or start a relationship. Things you start this year will last and will resonate for a long time. If you ever wanted to write the great American novel, now is the year to start it. This is a period when it is best to focus on the self and be aggressive with your plans. It is not the best year to start a relationship however it is a good time to work on yourself so you eventually get to where you want to go in life.

2 path year: Partnerships, legal agreements, creativity and cooperation are the themes. This is an excellent year to start a business partnership or get married as the energy of your life supports this and will make it easier on you to adjust. If you an artist or artistically inclined you will find this year to be full of inspiration and new ways of seeing things that will improve, influence and  inspire you to produce more work.

3 year: Self-expression, travel, fun, luck, travel those are the themes of 3. You will more free time to do the things you love and want to do. It is a bit of a vacation year in your life, allowing you to focus on having fun and replenishing the well of your life. If you change careers this year it will be one that is fun and full of travel or you won’t be able to stay with it. If you find yourself in transition try to enjoy the time off and explore things you haven’t had a chance to as they will lead to new opportunities and open up new possible career paths.

OK, I’ll post the rest after my next reading…

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Meaning of the your personal year (Numerology, cont.)